18, Mar, 2019
How to paint a wall yourself of your loving house

Interior Design

Are you sure you want to paint your house white? Among the wide variety of paint colors on the market, painting your walls white seems the simplest option. As easy as it seems when buying your white paint some details should be taken into accounts, such as subtone, brightness, or […]

Today, the flooring market is very common flats. They can be designed at the initial stage of building a house or re-equipped in the future from attics and apartments. It is noteworthy that this type of housing has been popular in Europe for several centuries. Italians love the presence of […]

Are you looking orange paint colors for living room? Believe it or not, the orange color is perfect for creating an environment full of energy. It encourages good rest or relaxation. Therefore, it is said that the color orange is a color that gives energy and encouragement.

We owe the well-known Englishman’s to the appearance of a large number of wonderful things, including not only the deductive method of S. Holmes, apple pie, tea-drinking traditions, but also especially cozy, very harmonious and colorful English-style interiors. Among the wide variety of trends, this style is distinguished by its […]

Style pop art is a modern interior style that appeared in the 50s of the last century on the wave of the development of abstract expressionism. The style combines bright colors, involves the use of inexpensive, but original design elements, as well as a large number of paintings in the […]

One of the most exciting activities in the world is travel. Finding themselves in an unfamiliar environment, watching the life and customs of the peoples inhabiting different parts of the world, travelers discover a completely different world and sometimes rethink their own lives. But works, the mass of other obligations […]

Frank, daring, freedom-loving – the loft style is recognized by the naked eye, resembling an abandoned factory production, attic, and workshop of a talented artist. “Minimum of partitions, maximum of free space” – these are the accents placed by the loft, submitting to the independent, liberated owners of the apartments. […]