How to clean walls without removing paint?

clean walls without removing paint

Is your house so dirty that you do not know where to start? Many times it is the appearance of your walls that most spoils your home. This truth will help you understand that it is essential to clean the walls of your home. Sure, at first you may be afraid of ruining them but this post will dispel your doubts.

How to clean walls without removing paint

We should not postpone any aspect of home cleaning. It is normal that you do not have the time to take care of all the chores. But looking for effective methods for problematic situations You will achieve success! Learning to work on how to clean the walls is simple.

clean walls without removing paint

# 1 Plaster walls

When one of your bedroom walls or common areas is made of plaster, they will tend to fill with dust. To get rid of it, pass a broom or brush wrapped in a soft handkerchief (preferably suede) along the entire length of the wall. Without forgetting the high parts and corners.

The white plaster walls are delicate and you can not use any type of soap for continuous cleaning. An innovative way to get rid of it is by using a soft eraser. Rub it delicately over the edge. If you do not have one at this moment you can also use some bread crumbs, they work perfectly with your plaster wall! Keep reading: remove oil stain from wood

# 2 Wall painted with oil paints

This type of finish is more durable than others. The oil paint has a tough finish that adheres strongly to the wall material. Therefore, before “tenacious stains” we can use a soap solution.

Easy! Just take a bucket and pour ½ liter of clean water. Add a splash of liquid dishwashing soap. Stir it a little and impregnate a soft sponge in the soapy liquid. Then you simply have to pass it through the full width of the surface. While you are eliminating the spots little by little.

# 3 Paintings to the tail in dirty walls

Due to the delicate finishing of the glue paintings, it is best to treat it as little as possible. Just pass it a duster every time you notice dust accumulated in its finish. In case of slight stains, simply use dry bread crumbs by watering them and rubbing them against the surface.

# 4 Walls with plastic paint

With this type of walls you must be balanced, do not use too much force or be mediocre. You have to print energy when it comes to how to clean the walls. However, everything with delicacy. Make a soapy solution similar to the one seen above.

It only consists of applying a little soap and water and stirring very well. You can use a microfiber cloth this time, imbibed with the cleaning substance. Rub with circular movements to make any yellowish spot disappear. Afterward, remove excess soap with a cloth moistened with water.

Have you encountered any other difficult stain of pen or ink? It is common to see it if you have small children. It is enough to impregnate a speck of cotton in alcohol! Punctually you can disappear these spots by moving around the stain. Try changing the cotton if it becomes dull.

# 5 Wallpaper

Your main goal with wallpaper walls is to prevent them from getting wet. This will only lift the sticker on your paper and break it. As it is obviously not what you want, applying a less aggressive solution is ideal. We’re going to need the help of the vacuum cleaner.

Process of using the aspirate for the wallpaper

clean walls without removing paint

Regulate your vacuum at a level of medium or low vacuum (this will prevent slips in the paper). Strive not to bring the nozzle too close to the surface, with only a prudent distance of about 2 centimeters will suffice. Move the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle across the surface of the wallpaper without neglecting any corner.

It is possible that you do not have a vacuum cleaner by hand, or that you can not use with walls. In this case with a cloth or microfiber cloth, you can remove the dust film from the wallpaper. It is enough to just pass it over the surface. Sure, it will take more time but the results will be well worth it.

Finally, there is a great variety of natural substances that we can use. To help you in your punctual search How to clean the walls! The companies of cleaning and maintenance of domiciles give you some super effective tricks to solve.

Home bicarbonate cleaner

As good as it sounds is a solution that will serve you for multiple dirty situations in your home! It has ½ cup or serving of baking soda and 4 liters (1 gallon) of warm water. Pour these substances in a bucket for the toilet that you always use.

After making this homemade multi-purpose cleaner it is easy to get rid of stains. You just have to soak the microfiber handkerchief in the bicarbonate solution. Squeeze it very well until it no longer drips and passes it energetically over the spots or sticky places.

Then you should rinse the affected area with another tissue rinse in a stream of water. This will remove the excess mixture from the surface of your wall. Finally, dry with another clean rag so that no stains due to excessive condensation.

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