June 3, 2023

TV aerial installation Bristol company Aerial Installations Bristol can help install TV aerials in homes. But when an aerial is installed, it can leave a lot of mess behind such as all the different bits of wiring. This can be quite frustrating as it is not always an easy task to hide wires, and more often than not they are left in plain sight for everyone to see. However, there are some ways in which TV aerial wires can be hidden, which this article will explain.

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The first example is how to hide wires for wall mounted TVs. When done properly, this can make the room look very sleek and save a lot of space. Stud walls are great to use to hide cables behind as the plasterboard can cover it up. This is great as you can simply cut a hole into the stud wall where the cables will feed into and cut another hole to feed the cables back out. Taping them all up together will keep them neat and secure as they are fed through the wholes, and then mounting the TV in front of the holes will cover everything up and finish the job.

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The popular technique for more newly built houses is drywalls. This is when the plasterboard is stuck to the brickwork or blobs similar to cement. The best way to start would be to identify where the blobs of cement- like material are by knocking on the wall and figuring out the hollow areas. The next step would be to drill the holes around the blobs.

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