Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Connoisseurs of luxury interiors will not be able to pass by the classic boho style, which today famous designers like to use. It combines exquisite materials, rich colors and chic, characteristic of rich design.

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

The main features and origin of the boho style

The considered style is not driven into strict frames, using it, you can show your I, creating not just a beautiful or elegant interior, but also a comfortable one. The name of the style is derived from the word “Boheme” – that is how the representatives of Roma who lived in Bohemia (modern Czech Republic) were called.

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

In such interiors combine’s shades of classic, glamor, eco-style, Chebbi-chic, we consider their main features:

  • The use of ethnic decor – from the ornament on the decoration to the statuettes, accessories;
  • Decorating the premises with handmade goods;
  • Use of natural materials;
  • The use of really comfortable furniture: recliners and soft sofas, rocking chairs, ottomans and other decorative elements that increase the comfort of the room;
  • The use of favorite shades that should be harmoniously combined. It is not recommended to choose too sharp colors for the boho style: canary-colored, acid-pink and others;
  • A large number of both artificial and natural lighting.

Boho-style apartments and houses are small stories that tell about their owners without words. You cannot be shy and do not look back on generally established rules, surrounding yourself with flowers, objects, and furniture that you really like.

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Color spectrum

The main feature of this style is the lack of a clear color range. Designers recommend making a choice in favor of shades that will please the eye:

  • beige,
  • terracotta,
  • olive,
  • coffee,
  • peach,
  • blue,
  • blue,
  • brown,
  • gray and silver.

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

It is necessary to stop the choice on the main warm color palette, and cold or too bright shades to use as rich accents. Not too good in the style of boho look white, yellow and pink colors.

Finishing and materials

Boho style allows you to use a large number of textiles: velvet, silk, linen, cotton, and others. Fabrics can be both low cost and expensive; the main thing is to accurately choose color solutions. The same rule applies to finishes, which must be neat and interesting. You can use inexpensive plaster or water-based paint, for elegant interiors fit fabric wallpaper, textured plaster. The flooring is wood or good imitation (laminate, linoleum, and others).

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

Boho accessories: inspiration ideas

Clear rules for this style does not exist, so you can use any accessories, listening to your own aesthetic taste. Here are the main ideas:

  • massive paintings of people, animals, landscapes;
  • souvenirs brought from different countries;
  • modern and retro posters;
  • mosaics, panels, and ornaments;
  • vinyl decorative stickers;
  • flowerpots with fresh or artificial flowers;
  • mirrors, clips for curtains, massive watches.

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment


In this style can be combined armchairs and metal bar stools, plastic tables and elegant consoles. Of course, designers advise paying attention to furniture that has classic features. If you find in the antique or any other store a beautiful old wardrobe or chest of drawers, then safely restore it, because it will become a bright highlight of the boho room.

Boho Style In The Interior Of The Apartment

The main rule is that all elements of the situation are well combined with each other. They should be combined in color, shape or materials; here it is necessary to remember about boho varieties:

  • Ecological, where wooden or wicker furniture is used, natural materials such as stone, marble, ceramic tiles. It should be supplemented with natural textiles, panels, mosaics.
  • Glamor, where used vintage furniture and expensive accessories. There are a lot of gloss, classic forms, it is appropriate to use rhinestones, sequins, leather.
  • Luxury, dominated by bright colors, unusual textures, and furniture made from shiny metal.

Classic boho style and hippies are also popular. In the first case, massive wooden furniture is used, in the second – products upholstered with bright textiles, aged wardrobes and shelves, and all this magnificence is complemented by accessories with fringe, colored lamps and other items that allow you to create a harmonious design.

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