10 Ideas of orange paint colors for living room

orange paint colors for living room

Are you looking orange paint colors for living room? Believe it or not, the orange color is perfect for creating an environment full of energy. It encourages good rest or relaxation. Therefore, it is said that the color orange is a color that gives energy and encouragement.

Also, the color orange is the color that is responsible for awakening all the senses of the human being. Currently, it is widely used in the decoration of rooms and also in other rooms, especially large ones. if you want to paint or decorate your living room with orange color, our collection will surely find inspiration to take your project to fulfillment. Let’s begin:

10 orange paint colors for living room

First of all, it is very important to mention the following: the room is the most important space of a house or apartment, in it, we receive all visits from family and friends, it is also the space that is considered the letter of presentation at the time that people they access our house.

To decorate a room in orange, you have to be very careful, not only in the choice of furniture but also in the choice of decorative accessories. For example; You can choose furniture that is in different shades of orange, even curtains, blinds or blinds can also be orange.

The colors that combine perfectly with the orange color are the brown color and the black color. The combination of these colors makes the room look spatial and modern, especially with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s have a look of the orange paint colors for living room:

If the orange color we use in interior decoration, we will create cheerful and super warm environments. It is a color that can be used in the decoration of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and in the spaces you want.

It is very important to mention that the orange color is mostly recommended for large and large spaces. In these spaces, you can combine orange with black and white, but you can also combine it with green.

To complement the decoration in orange color, it is essential that you use beautiful decorative accessories. The most recommended accessories are paintings, cushions, lamps, carpets, curtains, and furniture suitable for space.


In rooms that lack space, you should not place many pieces of furniture. You will only able to recharge the space and make it look smaller. It is better to use rectangular designs that allow several integrated types of furniture in a single environment.

The furniture you place in your small room should not be too high or wide; that way it will create a feeling of spaciousness. Try to choose furniture that is made of light materials, such as glass.


Absolutely to decorate small spaces, we have to forget the dark colors and always opt for light colors. Light colors can be used on walls, furniture, and accessories, with that we will enhance the natural light that enters the interior of the room.

The light color most used in the decoration of small rooms is the color bank at all. If you do not like this color you can use other colors, such as pastel, cream, light blue or lilac, the important thing is that it is light.

Large items

In small rooms you should not use many small decoration pieces, it is better to try to use three or four large pieces because it has been shown that large furniture creates a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Avoid recharging the small space in your living room with chandeliers or small vases. What is always recommended is that you use accessories and decorations that stand out from the rest. To generate the illusion of more space, you have to use vertical floor lamps.

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