‘Odd jobs’ – household tasks you may not have thought of

Are you at a loose end with household chores, or want to do the jobs that are always forgotten about? Here is some inspiration for some jobs you may not have thought of doing or getting a professional to sort out, but might be useful in the long run:

Why not do an annual clothes, toys or just general junk declutter! A great way to feel better about your living space is to declutter, and in terms of clothes, this uncovers old favourites whilst making room for new purchases. You could also donate any unwanted clothes to a charity shop or local homeless charity, which will put them to good use.

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Equally this idea is essential if you have kids, and although the toys decluttering can be something you avoid it will leave you feeling relieved as you will then spend less time picking them all up every day! Instead of throwing them out which can be bad for the environment, this is another opportunity to donate or give away any unwanted items.

Bleeding radiators is another job that is often dismissed or not known about. This can be a simple fix that you can get explained by a professional or look up on the internet, however, it can make a huge difference. Bleeding radiators reduces air pockets and pressure in the system which will reduce your energy bills. It also will make your radiators work way more efficiently.

If you are not keen on doing some home maintenance jobs, there is the option of hiring a professional. Despite it coming at a price, if you take your time researching then you can find a reliable business that will give you a fair quote.

Jobs that you could get sorted range from blocked drains or gutters, DIY jobs that have been put off or even replacing light sockets. Once jobs like these are finished, it creates a sense of productivity and could spark you to do other tasks that you have since put off.


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An example of an ‘odd job’ that might have not crossed your mind is garage door repairs. This may appear niche however the wear and tear on garage doors means that its likely yours may not be completely secure. It is worth checking the security of the door, after all you would not want the security of your belongings compromised.

Garage Door Repairs Luton  garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-repairs-luton/is a great example of a company that can be on hand seven days a week to repair or look at any queries you may have.

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