How to get rid of dust mites in mattress? Incredible solution

dust mites in mattress

One of the problems in the home and, above all, of the bedrooms are the mites. And is that, although they are not an alarming cause of concern for human health, the truth is that they can cause some conditions, being their presence directly related to some pathologies and symptoms. This is what happens when you have mites on a mattress. It is very important to know how to get rid of dust mites in mattress, apart from following a series of tips to eliminate them.

Here, we will explain what are the mites, in addition to giving you the main keys on how to know if there are mites on the mattress and how to kill them so that you do not have health problems, and you can always sleep calm and free to have a sleep of the most restful and without worries.

dust mites in mattress

How to get rid of dust mites in mattress

When talking about How to get rid of dust mites in mattress, there are several actions to carry out this cleaning, although it is difficult to eliminate them in their entirety. A good option to avoid mites is to sleep on an anti-mite mattress. But if it is not the time to make this purchase, we will tell you how to clean a very dirty mattress with a series of tips to eliminate mites:

Wash: It is important to wash mattress and pillow covers very well and all bedding such as sheets, blankets, quilts, bedspreads … once a week with hot water. It is also key to wash the pillow every seven days.

Dry: In addition to washing all the bedding with hot water, it is essential that they dry well and at a high temperature if the dryer is used.

Clean carpets: The mites also live in the carpet and can jump to the mattress and the pillow. If you have them, you should clean them well every week, making a good aspiration. Also, clean the wardrobe with a brush and dust cleaner.

Aspirate: To eliminate mites, the mattress has to be vacuumed every week to prevent its proliferation. To do this, there are vacuum cleaners that allow these functions to be carried out, and even some specific models for cleaning mattresses.

Products: To clean a very dirty mattress, it is also possible to use sprays that are sold specifically, and that is applied to the beds directly to eliminate them.

Bicarbonate: In addition to cleaning products for mattresses, there are also very effective home remedies such as bicarbonate, which helps in disinfection.

What are mites?


Mites are defined as a subclass of arachnids that is made up of thousands of different species. And it is that, at present, have detected more than 50,000 different, although it is estimated that there may still be many more that have not been studied or classified. In many cases, their presence is related to dust or plants, as is the case with the Tetranychidae mite family, which is made up of more than 1,200 different species.

In general, the mites that live in houses are found, above all, in areas that are more difficult to detect such as mattresses, pillows, carpets … To this, also, their small size is added, since the “home species” “They measure a maximum of 0.5 millimeters, which makes them invisible to the human eye.

Mites are not considered allergenic, although it is true that they generate some health problems due to their stools because they have a protein, which is the cause of allergic reactions and episodes of rhinitis and asthma, as well as rashes or eczema on the skin.

How to know if there are mites in my bed?

mites in my bed

As we have commented previously, mites are not perceptible to the human eye, although it is estimated that a mattress can have up to two million of these “bugs.” And, how to know if there are mites on the mattress? To detect, therefore, its presence, it is important to pay attention to another series of factors. The best way is to observe if you have any problem or condition when you are in bed or when getting up in the morning from it because the mattress mites feed on the remains of people’s skin. And what are the symptoms of mites on the mattress? Primarily, you should be alert if they occur or are noticed:

Allergic reactions: if you already have a problem of asthma, rhinitis or hay fever, the symptoms of these health conditions will intensify when you are in bed and, practically, as soon as you enter it. Thus, you will feel an increase in mucus, sneezing, itchy nose, chest pressure or noisy breathing, among others.

Itch: the itching part of the body is also another sign that may have mites on the mattress.

Rashes and eczemas: the appearance of granites or redness, among other possibilities such as irritation of the skin as a rash or eczema, is another clear example of having mites on the mattress. Normally, these symptoms are visible when you wake up in the morning in the area of the neck and face, as well as in the folds of the skin on the body.

Fatigue: Mattress mites can also cause fatigue because the person does not rest well, in part, because they do not breathe properly, even if they do not have asthma or rhinitis.

Cough: the appearance of coughing in the bed and its intensification are another clear symptom of the presence of mites on the mattress.

Conjunctivitis: Mites can also cause conjunctivitis and eye problems such as redness due to irritation.
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How to clean a mattress with baking soda?

clean a mattress with baking soda

  • The mattress is placed in a place where there is enough space (like a terrace) and where the sun is shining.
  • Then, 250 grams of bicarbonate is mixed with five drops of Tea Tree essential oil.
  • This solution is poured over the mattress with the help of a colander or spray can.
  • Once the mattress is well sprayed, an hour is expected to act. After this time, you have to turn around and do the same for the other side.

Other tips to eliminate mattress mites

In addition to the tips that we discussed in the previous section on how to clean the mite mattress, it is possible to follow other tips to eliminate them and avoid them:

  1. Put an airtight and anti-mite cover on the mattress and pillow.
  2. Always ventilate the house, especially the bedroom so that the air is renewed completely.
  3. Clean the dust of the home and, especially, of the room in which you have the bedroom with a damp cloth so that the dust with the mites is trapped and not suspended in the air.
  4. Controlling humidity is key because mites are attracted to a humid environment. Always at home, the level has to be below 50%.

With these tips on How to get rid of dust mites in mattress, we hope we have helped you to know more how to clean a very dirty mattress and how to eliminate mites so that you do not have any health problems. If you have any doubt, always consult with specialists so they can tell you the best solutions.

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