The truth behind six cooking myths

Cooking is an art filled with traditions, techniques, and lots of myths. These myths can influence how we cook and what we believe about food. Let’s debunk six common cooking myths.
Searing meat seals in juices

This idea has been a longstanding cooking principle. However, scientific tests have shown that searing does not actually create a moisture-retaining barrier. While searing adds flavour through the Maillard reaction, it doesn’t prevent moisture loss. Remember this when you cook those celebratory steaks after your kitchen refurbishment Guildford.

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Adding salt to water increases boiling point significantly

It’s a common practice to add salt to water when boiling pasta or vegetables, believing it will cook the food faster by raising the water’s boiling point. In reality, the amount of salt typically added to water has a negligible effect on its boiling point. Find out more here.

Alcohol completely cooks off in food

Many believe that cooking with alcohol burns off all the alcohol content, leaving only the flavour behind. While cooking reduces the alcohol content, it doesn’t completely eliminate it.

Washing mushrooms makes them waterlogged

Mushrooms do absorb some water when washed, but not enough to affect their cooking significantly. It’s more important to clean them properly to remove dirt and debris.

Cold water boils faster than hot water

This myth defies basic physics. Hot water is closer to boiling point, so will always reach boiling faster than cold water under the same conditions.

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Microwaving destroys nutrients

While microwaving can alter the nutrient composition of foods, it’s not significantly more harmful than other cooking methods. In fact, since microwaving often involves shorter cooking times and less water, it can help preserve nutrients better than boiling or frying.

Bear this in mind when cooking in your new kitchen after your kitchen refurbishment in Guildford!

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