Country Style Kitchen Of Interior Design

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

Country style of interior design, which for many years does not leave the list of the most popular and sought after all over the world. “Rural”, “rural” and other synonyms of its name can create the illusion of artlessness of similar home decoration, but such prejudices have little in common with reality. In fact, this is a very beautiful and delicate style, which, if desired, it is quite possible to make it exquisite. Simply, its main feature is a warm and cozy atmosphere, which can be used to create it in any room.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

Distinctive features of the decor in country style

The main features defining this style include the following:

  • Passion for the use of natural materials. Country music refers to nature, to warm summer terraces, charming country houses, and naturalness. Therefore, the main materials that are suitable for the interior in this style are wood, stone, natural fabrics.
  • The golden mean between conciseness and excessiveness. This style is far from minimalist: it allows you to place on the shelves dear to your heart, albeit absolutely impractical things, decorate the walls with decorative panels, arrange vases with flowers and so on. At the same time, the country nevertheless presupposes a reasonable approach to this question: a sufficient, but not an excessive amount of such decorations. Such that will not harm the functionality of the room.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

  • Calm and delicate colors. Beige, sand, brown, olive, lavender, light blue and so on – similar colors as a reminder of the calm fresh breath of nature look best in country style. Bright, catchy, contrasting solutions are not suitable for him.
  • A peculiar approach to the use of metal. In a modern apartment decorated in the style of country, there should not be shiny metal surfaces – they are absolutely not combined with a similar style. However, forged, aged metal gives this interior even more comfort.
  • Simple furniture configuration. Such an interior should not be cluttered with ingenious interior objects of incomprehensible shapes – it is better to prefer traditional furniture of rectangular, square, round, oval shapes to them.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

  • Refusal of pomp and pretentiousness. Country music is a style that loves elegant simplicity, modesty and tenderness. Bright, shiny, multi-colored, gilded or silvered elements do not fit into it.

Why is country music a great option for kitchen decoration?

Kitchen in country style is perhaps one of the most common uses of this style, as evidenced by countless beautiful photos on the Internet. It is not surprising: where else can you so much want a warm, spiritual atmosphere, if not on it? Moreover, in many modern apartments, it is combined with a dining room.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

It makes sense to use this style for the kitchen if you like to cook and gather in a pleasant company at the table. You will be comfortable and quiet to spend time in such a room, and if you follow the basic rules of country music correctly, then you will also enjoy the functionality of your kitchen, while you can safely decorate it with pleasing things.

What should be used to design the kitchen in country style?

There are a lot of options here, and you can learn a lot of interesting ideas for such repairs, again, from photos on the web. Let’s name several main components of a competent design in this style of a kitchen room:

  • Use of wooden kitchen sets, tables, and chairs. They can be decorated with forged metal elements. At the same time, it is very desirable that the colors of such interior items should be gentle and calm, and the surface should be matte, not glossy.
  • An abundance of textiles. A country in principle leads to the use of a considerable amount of fabric elements, and in the kitchen in this respect, there is definitely where to roam. Napkins, towels, capes, sofa cushions, tablecloths – all this will help you to convey the comfort and pacifying beauty of a rural house located in nature.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

  • Decoration with natural surroundings. As already noted, this style accepts the use of atmospheric decor. In the kitchen, it can be decorative dishes, samovars, hand-painted teapots and much more.
  • The combination of different finishing materials. In terms of wall decoration, paper wallpapers, plaster, wood panels or paint are best suited for country music. However, it is obvious that you would like to trim the work area in the kitchen with something more durable. Therefore, modern designers often make a compromise: near the slab and worktops, the wall is tiled with pastel shades, and the remaining surface of the walls is covered with delicate wallpaper with a floral or vegetable design. It is desirable that the tile at the same time had a non-glossy surface.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

  • Floor “under the tree.” Naturally, the most natural in such a kitchen will look at the floor of natural wood, but in a city apartment, it is quite expensive and not always practical (especially given the fact that in the kitchen floor is exposed to increased loads). Therefore, it is possible, again, to apply a compromise solution: for example, put durable and wear-resistant linoleum, the design of which simulates a wooden floor.
  • Several lighting fixtures. To illuminate the central part of the room, it is advisable to choose a spectacular sconce or chandelier decorated with wrought iron products, textile elements, imitation of candles and other elements of a similar design. However, you can prefer her and the model with a concise canopy of a delicate shade. And in order to make it convenient for you to do the cooking, you can position several LED spotlights in the working area.

Country Style Kitchen of interior design

We hope that our advice will inspire you to create a kitchen in the style of country music. And you will spend more than one year with pleasure in this room: both for preparing your favorite dishes, and for warm conversations with close people!

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