June 7, 2023

It can be quite bewildering to look at the huge amount of differences that have come about in how we live over the last 120 years or so. Two world wars, the discovery of flight and the subsequent space travel it provided, the development of penicillin and the creation of the NHS, computers and the loss of the traditional primary and manufacturing industry that made up the employment of the working population has all contributed to massive social and economic change.

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It has allowed us the chance to improve our living standards. The homes that we live in now are certainly more comfortable and enjoyable than they were. The same is true for the development of our homes and the material used to build them. It is done in part to the work companies like the Residential Architects Mayfair based operation https://www.rbddesign.com/architectural-design/residential-architecture-london/architects-mayfair/ have done to ensure that the home is new and incredible to live in.

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Thinking about the world of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This was a land of tin baths and using coal for just about everything that needed cooking, heating and lighting. Brick was still the most popular substance for building, so not so much has changed there. The space that families had to use was extremely reduced next to what we can expect today. Consider how there was no insulation of double glazing back then either.

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