June 3, 2023
How to protect fruit trees from birds

If you have a garden, particularly one with fruit plants, you will probably have many problems. One of these problems is the birds. They love the fruits of their fruit trees. There are some common solutions to this problem, such as scarecrows, angel callers, reflection ribbons and plastic animals, but what happens if none of these works? What happens if they only work for a while and then, eventually the birds start coming back suddenly? Let’s discover how to protect fruit trees from birds?

How to protect fruit trees from birds?

Many farmers find that they can not harvest fruit from their trees because birds bite them before they can be harvested. That is why I am going to make this entry to avoid bad practices such as poisoning or cheating. Birds are very beautiful animals that bring us many benefits by eating insects that can be harmful to our crops, which is why it is worth looking for an alternative before ending their lives.

How to protect fruit trees from birds

These are some of the methods I found:

1. Digital Scarecrow: They emit ultrasounds that scare away birds and are imperceptible to the human ear.

2. Mobile scarecrows: You can make windmills or wind vanes that when the wind blows them, they must be made with red color because this color makes the birds do not approach.

3. Anti-Bird Networks: The tree is surrounded by a net to prevent the fruits from picking. This is an effective and economic method because I have seen that they do not even leave 20 dollars. It is recommended to put the mesh only in the season that the fruits come out to avoid harming the tree.

4. Cds, reflective strips, traditional scarecrows, lying birds of prey, only work for a short period of time because the animals get used to them and see that they are not dangerous.

5. Granulated repellent for trees: They are small bags that hang from the branches whose smell frightens the birds but are completely harmless for birds.

6. Anti-settling repellent gel: This is usually used for fabricated surfaces, birds do not like touch so they do not rest on that site, it is also harmless for birds.

7. If there are people like me, that I like the birds to come to my garden-pot, they can leave a tree without covering with mesh so that the birds also feed themselves.

It seems that birds have a tendency to become braver than time goes by. At first, they were scared with the scarecrow, but as time passes, you will see them sitting on your shoulder. You may have thought about leaving an entire tree for them, but then you realize that the birds are still taking fruit from their fruit plants. Well, having birds in the garden can be pleasing to the eye when watching them fly over and sing their songs, but later, when it comes to their fruit trees, they become a nuisance.

How to protect fruit trees from birds

Give the birds an alternative to getting food

Give them a small wooden house and place it near the garden or near your house. Then go to the pet store and buy some bird seeds and place them inside the small birdhouse. Over time, the birds will get used to eating the seeds. While you must spend money, think that at least your fruits will not be eaten or stolen. And also, think that birds can serve as an aggregate in this pleasant and relaxing environment. Keep Reading how to germinate seeds.

The network fabrics for birds that can be obtained in your local store, not only will not work, but also kill the birds. You do not want this to happen. You just want them to get away from their fruits. For this, there is a kind of network device called tul. The holes are very small, and will not stifle any birds. It will simply take them away from the fruits. It is much cheaper and much more affordable than bird nets.

And now with all this, you will not have to worry about birds feeding on their fruits. And at the same time, it will be free of guilt and worry and will be applying much safer and much more effective solutions.

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