How to fix washing machine smells like sewage

washing machine smells like sewage

Unpleasant odors and pollution in the form of black spots or spots, perhaps the most common problems in the operation of modern automatic washing machines. Not knowing how to deal with the problem, the hostesses often bring the condition of the machine to a critical one, when it has to be either seriously repaired or replaced. However, there are many proven ways to quickly get rid of the smell and mold in the washing machine.

How to fix washing machine smells like sewage?

Where do odors and fungi come from? Unfortunately, an improper operation is the main cause of most problems with household appliances. Without knowing it, we ourselves make our washing machine a breeding ground for bacteria, microbes, fungi, that is, we create a favorable environment for their active reproduction.

An unpleasant smell in the room, on the washed linen, allergic reactions of the household and even premature breakage of the washer are all possible consequences of such a “settlement”. But what provokes his mistress?

washing machine smells like sewage

The reasons for the appearance of odors are many:

Constant wash in a fast mode at low temperature. For a fungus, indicators above 60 degrees are destructive (they are much lower in a quick wash, and these, on the contrary, are favorable conditions for it).

Use conditioner for laundry without the inclusion of an additional rinse cycle. The conditioner is harder to clean than the powder, and its residues from a layer of mucus in the rinse compartment, which becomes thicker over time. And this is a real paradise for pathogenic microflora.

The absence in the arsenal of the mistress of laundry detergent with a whitening effect. It has disinfectant properties, so periodically washing white clothes with it is necessary.

The appearance of dampness. This happens if after washing you do not dry the detergent tray and the gum of the loading window, do not leave the car open for drying, have a habit of throwing wet things into the machine until the next wash (drenched in something or soaked with sweat).

Poor quality powder or conditioner or excessive dosage of laundry detergents. In this case, their particles stick to the walls of the machine, and over time they begin to emit a rotten smell.

Gradual contamination of the powder container with detergent particles. This happens even with the normal dosage of quality powder. If the tray is not rinsed or dried at least a couple of times in a month, mold fungi will start to multiply on these “sediments”, producing a musty smell.

Clogged drain filter that picks up all kinds of debris from the drum. If the filter is not cleaned at least 2-3 times a year, all its “savings” begin to decompose, becoming a source of musty, rotten, putrefactive “fragrance” or even the cause of “blocking” the drain.

The old drain hose also gradually accumulates particles of garbage, detergents, because of the decomposition of which from the washing machine it stinks, like from a sewer.

Over time, a similar plaque and boils on heating elements. With constant “cold” washings such scum begins to emit stench.

After each wash in the machine there is always some water that is not visible. If the loading window is tightly closed until the next time, this water goes out and smells appropriate.

If you accidentally wash clothes, in the pockets of which they forgot a piece of rolls, cookies, chewing gum or other food, their softened remnants will rather quickly emit stench.

Often one over the other simultaneously layered several reasons. But will have to clean the washing machine.

Clean the washing machine

If the smell of damp emanates from the car, but there is no visible fungus, it is no reason to think that it is not there. Colonies can hide under a rubber rim or in other hiding places (in a hose, drain). To get rid of odor and mold in an automatic washing machine at home, you can use different methods. Very simple and fast, but at the same time a very effective way to rid it of stench, fungus and dirt – use an improvised agent containing acid: mold is very afraid of it. For example, you can take citric acid or vinegar.

Citric Acid Cleaning

In a clean and dry powder tray, pour a glass of citric acid and run the longest wash at the maximum temperature without loading the laundry. After that, it will be necessary to wipe the inside of the drum.

Vinegar cleaning
This is a more concentrated acid, so it will need less: half a cup. Wash included on the same mode. Only vinegar is poured not immediately, but after the machine has drained the first portion of water.

Cleaning with soda

This tool is suitable for the destruction of local areas with the fungus, when it is still a little. Soda helps to remove mold from the available places: drum, detergent tank, rubber, door seal.

For processing, mix several tablespoons of soda with water to obtain a pasty mass, which is treated with a brush to treat fungal lesions. Soda should act about half an hour. After that, they also start the wash “idle”, setting the maximum time and temperature. For greater efficiency, you can pour a couple of tablespoons of powder into the tray.

Any problem is always easier to prevent than to look for ways to resolve it. Smell and mold in the automatic machine is no exception. If prophylactic measures are not observed, the fungus and the accompanying “aroma” will certainly appear in a favorable environment, even if they did not exist before. Well, if you were – you need to take care of the machine in the enhanced mode.

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