How to Make a Dark Hallway Lighter and Brighter

When it comes to interior design, many of us may be guilty of neglecting the areas that we spend little time in such as hallways and landings.

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But a well-thought-through hallway can be a great asset to your home. An article in Build Direct  suggests that a functional hallway can create space and boost energy-efficiency in your home. The advice here is to treat your hallway as a ‘destination not a footpath’.

The key to utilising any space in your home is to open it up, and one of the best ways to do this is by making it lighter and airier. Unfortunately a lot of hallways can be notoriously dark and narrow. Here are some design tips to help you brighten up a dark hallway so that you can begin using it as a space in its own right.

Make Lighting a Feature

Candles, lanterns, and chandeliers with ceiling roses from suppliers such as – all of these are lighting accessories that will complement your interior as well as offering additional lighting to your hallway.


It’s an old trick, but it works. A strategically placed mirror will bounce light around a small space, making it appear bigger and brighter. Ideally, you should try to position your mirror in a place where it reflects another object such as a painting or piece of furniture. This gives the illusion of a bigger surface area.


Hallways invariably lead to many doors. If the doors are dark and solid, then the hallway will appear closed in. Using glass panes in your doors can make the area feel more open. If you are concerned about privacy from a door that faces outside, then consider using frosted glass.

Banisters and Balustrades

If your hallway leads upstairs, then your staircase will eat into the space. Utilise it by opting for brightly coloured balustrades or traditional wooden poles with gaps between them. A modern design trend is to use glass panels as a balustrade, which will greatly increase the flow of light.

Scandinavian Walls and Floors

The Scandinavians are big on natural light and bright interiors. Follow suit with some light wood flooring and white walls. Much like a mirror, the white surfaces will reflect light and make for a bigger open space.


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Roger Walker

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