Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Do you know that the right place for a celebration will reduce the cost of wedding decor? And the choice of a novice decorator, on the contrary, will increase them? Today we shared important secrets of saving without losing the quality of design.

Choose the right pad

Pay attention to the remoteness of the site from the city. A distance of more than 20 km will increase the cost of transportation and installation. Often couples do not think about the additional costs that appear due to the nature of the wedding place. Adequate decoration of a tent is more expensive than a restaurant – its bare walls need additional decoration. Therefore, it is better to give preference to the hall of the restaurant or an open-air veranda. In an effort to save on the site, many choose a place for the price, forgetting about the cost of the decor, which will result in an impressive amount. To prevent this from happening, assess whether the intended style and color will fit into the interior of the hall – if it already has the necessary elements, this will reduce the estimate. When inspecting the restaurant, pay attention to:

  • Chairs. If the chairs look intimidating, and the playground offers to close them only with white covers, you will definitely think about renting. It is not cheap. Choose a place with beautiful chairs, and specify whether it is possible to use them for off-site registration.

  • Tent. Chose a tent? Well, if it already draped ceiling and walls. Drapery metal structures tent textiles – it is very expensive. Without it, the tent looks ordinary and sometimes frankly bad.
  • The background behind the newlyweds. If there is a beautiful background wall in the hall that does not need to be completely “closed”, this is a big plus.

Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Do not invite extra guests

If you have doubts about one of the guests, do not be afraid to discuss them with each other Extra guests are extra expenses! And not only at the restaurant, but also at the wedding decor: the design of an additional guest table or printing is expensive. With a limited budget, the number of guests up to 60 people will be optimal.

Combine different zones

If you want a lot of interesting zones at a wedding, try to combine them to reduce costs. The resulting space will look more advantageous. In addition, for several zones, you can make one background design. Examples of successful “symbiosis”: sweet bar + photo zone, sweet bar + welcome, photo zone + wish zone, welcome + wish zone. Sometimes they move elements from one zone to another – for example, large vases with flowers from the welcome zone, in which guests will no longer be, can be transferred to the table for newlyweds. Do not abuse it, especially with large backgrounds – the process is time-consuming, and the result does not always look good. A good example of moving a structure from the registration area to the table of the newlyweds:

Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Calculate time for a wedding decor

On the preparation of registration requires a lot of time. Often you have to drive to the site at night or the day before the event. If at the last moment it turns out that this is not possible, you will have to hire expensive additional staff – florists, installers, movers, etc. Immediately stipulate the required time for installation and coordinate it with the site so that the ratio of people and work volume is optimal.

Alternate elements

A large number of guest tables – one of the most expensive items of wedding decoration. If there are more than six, think about alternation. You can alternate high and lush compositions with more low budget ones (or alternate floral compositions with candelabra). This technique looks advantageous in the hall, creating a volume at all levels, and candelabra with candles (if appropriate) will add solemnity and light. You can even rotate the tables themselves – for example, at a wedding with natural notes, round tables with flowers alternate with rectangular, decorated with green garlands.

Use the mix in floral design: high-quality artificial flowers are sometimes added to large design elements (for example, for field registration or photozone). Good decorative flowers in such a mix are difficult to distinguish from living ones, and you will seriously save money.

Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

How not to save on a wedding decor

We told what to do to avoid additional costs in wedding decor. And what cannot be done?

Do not choose novice decorators

Yes, you can get lucky – for serious and responsible people who have just taken the path of registration, everything can work out. But the risk is enormous – at the beginning of a career, it is difficult for any decorator to calculate the time and number of workers, the volume of colors, to foresee all the difficulties and properly fix the structures. Do not take risks if the large-scale design is expected, otherwise, there is a great chance to become an illustration of the result “expectation-reality”.

Do not “smear” the budget

I want everything, but it is better to invest in one or two main zones (the registration ceremony and the table of the newlyweds with the background). Let the photos of these locations be perfect! At the same time, you can do without gifts for guests or a wish zone. Listen to the designer, he will help to properly distribute the budget and focus on the main elements.

Don’t charge yourself

Often at the beginning of preparation, the bride wants to do a lot with her own hands, but this rarely ends well. She has enough trouble to glue petal bags or draw invitations. Design elements that a couple does on its own, as a result, often do not fit the size, quality or color palette that the decorator controls. Entrust the work to selected professionals! If you want to participate, take on small wedding accessories that you will be pleased to do yourself.

Do not strain your relatives

For the same reasons, do not entrust the wedding decor or part of it to girlfriends, acquaintances or parents. Making a wedding – hard work associated with sleepless nights, physical work and a lot of special skills. Do not be so burdened with close people who need to rest and rejoice with you.

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