3 great tips for knitting on the go

Knitting can be a great way to pass time on a long journey or to relax as you sit by the pool. Thankfully, it is a hobby that is easily transportable to anywhere in the world, especially with the help of the following top tips.

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Get Organised

Whether you create your own designs or use knitting kits from Wool Couture and other suppliers, being organised will prevent jumbled yarns and needles. This is especially true if you’re taking more than one project with you.

Use zipping food bags to store your knitting to keep it organised and safe in transit. You can find more tips on staying organised when travelling on the Today website.

Carry a Notebook

Travelling can be a sociable experience – whether you want it to be or not – and a notebook will mean that you’re ready to cope with any interruptions to your knitting. A notebook and pen will ensure that you’re fully equipped to write down where you stop when interruptions do happen.

You can also use the book to keep note of any modifications you need to make or have already done. This ensures that your knitting will end up looking as good as it would if you’d knitted it in your favourite chair.

A notebook with half ruled and half graph paper can work really well for knitting notes. Alternatively, take along your laptop, which also offers easy access to lots of patterns and knitting kits.

Have Fun

This is the most important one. Enjoying your trip – enhanced by knitting – is the main priority. Knitting can actually help ensure that you enjoy travelling.

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Not only does knitting help you to unwind and relax, but it can also help to make it feel like you still have some creature comforts to hand even if you are a long way from home. Knitting can add a familiar feel to unfamiliar locations and help to distract you from some of the stresses that can be associated with travelling.



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