Ways to make your bedroom look bigger

If your bedroom isn’t as big as you want, there are still many ways to make it look stylish and welcoming with these smart space-saving ideas. Think of comfortable and elegant space as opposed to a little more than box space and you are already in a better state of mind.

First of all, don’t forget to use the illusion created by the mirror. This is one of the easiest ways to make space look bigger. Hang on the wall opposite the window to get maximum light and depth, instantly making the narrow room look bigger.

Instead of messing up the floor with furniture, think about installing a table that is attached to the wall. The open floor space that you leave below makes the space look bigger and can be used to store other items. Installing lights on the wall also frees up valuable floor or nightstand space.

Similarly, to avoid items piled on the floor, hang shelves on the wall and above the bed for your storage needs. It functions perfectly in a narrow space. You can even choose a high shelf that stretches right around the diameter of the room.

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If you don’t have room for a desk in your room, especially important for teenagers and students, think about having a wall mounted deep shelf that can act as a desk. You may need to use a bed for a chair. Or consider using the nightstand to be used as a table too.

The space above the head of your bed can be utilized properly. Add additional shelves to ensure height above your head if you like sitting and reading in bed! Or go further and fit a cabinet mounted on the wall.

The idea of ​​saving the ultimate amount of space for a narrow bedroom is to have the right fitted wardrobes. They eliminate the need for free-standing furniture that takes up valuable floor space and are the perfect place to tidy up the mess in a neatly arranged compartment that you can close the door on. They are contemporary, stylish and will give your bedroom a new, fresher appearance. For Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit https://lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

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When it comes to dressing your window in a small room, try not to hang something too dark or heavy. The nuances of layering work well and using lightweight fabrics, such as gauze, will allow plenty of sunlight to enter while safeguarding your privacy. Decor wise, stick to light, neutral colours to provide a soft, calming atmosphere and open up space as much as possible.

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Roger Walker

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