Steps to take when there is water everywhere

It started like any other day, kitting out my van ready for work, packing myself a healthy lunch – Ok it was more like a quickly thrown together sandwich, a packet of crisps and a banana put in for good measure.

I enjoy my work as No two days are ever the same and you never quite know what you will be faced with when you arrive art the customers house. The only certainty is that it will involve pipes and water at some point.  Now back to my day – the day that I like to nickname ‘The day of the deluge’.

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I arrived at the scene to find the house deserted. I call out to the owners and eventually a sheepish man came out from the garage. “What’s up I enquired?”.

“Well”, began the man “there just seems to be water everywhere and it’s not nice water either”.

“Not to worry, I’ll soon sort that out, do you have the keys?” The man duly gives me the keys and I stride confidently up to the front of the house. I can see the door sorted of bulging a but I figured it’ll be fine.  I come from a hardy race. Just as I put the key in the lock, unlock the door and start to turn the handle,  I notice a slight puddle below my feet. Too late I realised that the whole house was full of water.  Mr wasn’t wrong when he said there was water everywhere! The door throws me back across the garden and I’m sprawled out on the lawn whilst the tidal wave surges of down the street.

“Cowabunga!” the local kids all shout and then next thing I know there all on there surf boards and body boards on the wave of water. I look up and there is this young girl with a tablet and chewing a pencil nodding and saying “hum, interesting”,

“What are you doing?” I say, getting up of the floor.

“Sorry, what’s that?” She replies, not looking up from her tablet.

“All the local kids are surfing down the street like’s it’s blooming Hawaii or something yet your stood there looking at that thing and taking notes. Do you live here or something?” I asked.

“Oh yes, it’s my house”, she replied nonchalantly

“Do you know anything about all this?” I asked feeling a little suspicios by this point.

“Yes, I do! I left all the taps on in the house so that it would create a body of water similar to that of a dam. My Dad chickened out of opening the door, he was pretty mad to be honest, so we called you as we figured you’d be able to sort the mess out afterwards. This is my science project, ‘If the Severn Bore ever came down Newgate Street’”. She answered happily.  Well that’s my job over with and now it’s time to call a Carmarthen skip hire company who’s number will be on sites similar to to come and everyone can start putting all the damaged items in the skip to take away.

Deluge indeed.


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