Simple storage solutions for your living space

With modern houses typically getting smaller, we have decreasing areas of storage, although we own more possessions than ever before. However, some simple storage solutions can free you up for the things that matter. All our tips below streamline organisation, create more space and make things easier to find.

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Hallways are often untidy. Solve this problem with shoe racks to keep shoes and belongings out of the way, and consoles, which are full-length storage units that offer shelves and hanging space.

Downstairs cloakrooms/understairs cloakrooms

Over-the-door coat hooks are a neat storage solution. Consider boxing in your understairs cupboard, adding shelves and shoe racks.

Lounges and living rooms

Ottomans are stylish and practical. They offer deep storage space, doubling up as a coffee table or seating. Footstools can supply welcome storage. If your home has a fireplace, there are probably recesses either side. These can host useful cupboards.

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Pot racks on the wall or ceiling save useful cupboard space. Meanwhile, in-cupboard racking for small items makes the most of interiors.


Consider boxing in the space around the sink for storing bathroom essentials. An attractive wall-mounted towel rack offers useful storage.


Bedrooms generally need the largest amount of storage thanks to the large quantity of shoes and clothes that most of us own. Storage beds, also called ottoman beds, are one simple storage solution.

High sleeper and cabin beds suit children’s bedrooms. They provide drawers, cupboards and hanging space underneath the bed. A custom-fitted bed uses the available space if the room is not uniform. Under-bed storage can feature zip-up bags or plastic boxes.

For clothes, vacuum bags are a great space-saving choice. These compress items into small spaces. In your suitcases, keep items you don’t need every day, such as bedclothes and seasonal clothes.

Fitted wardrobes use every inch of the space available. Shelving, hanging rails, drawers and shoe racks may be included.

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General solutions

Shelving can go almost anywhere in your abode and will create space without encroaching on floor area. Whether it’s the kitchen, hallway, lounge or bedroom, anyone can easily fit in this simple storage solution.

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