June 3, 2023

One of the worst things in life is having to deal with a blocked drain. Luckily there are plenty of people like a Blocked Drains Essex based company like that in the link that can come and help you. There are many ways to avoid this unfortunate situation in the first place. Here are some of  the most common reasons why drains become blocked.

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  1. Flushing used nappies. When you have a newborn it is rather disconcerting the sheer amount of nappies that they get through. How do you get rid of them all? The best place is a non recyclable bin or there are several waste storage systems you can buy.  Do not put them down the loo. Ever.

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  1. Wet and antibacterial wipes. Whilst they may seem a godsend for cleaning up, especially when dealing with the mess from a newborn, none of these handy wipes should be flushed down the loo. They aren’t recyclable either.
  2. Fat and food waste. It might seem like the best kind of out of sight out of mind option but it’s really not a very good idea to pour hot fat down the plug hole no matter how tempting. It’s the same with the pieces of cubed carrot as well. The fat will start to cool and when it does it sets into a white sticky mass that clings to everything. Pour it in a cup or bowl and let it cool to go in the food waste. Even better, why not make it into a bird food feeder.

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