June 3, 2023

If your garage isn’t really doing a lot more than storing junk, why not convert it and gain some useful space in your home? A garage conversion also adds value to your home, as well as being cheaper than a normal extension.

Give your garage a good clear out, and add some nice new doors such as from garage doors Bristol based company https://www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/ – you can even extend on two levels, so will gain two new rooms not one! Here are some good ideas for how to use your converted garage room…

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Guest Room – If you usually have lots of friends and relatives staying over or perhaps have family abroad who come to visit and need somewhere to stay, a guest room is a great idea for your garage conversion – you could even divide it into two separate rooms so guests can have a bit of their own space, such a bedroom and a small living area with kitchenette.

A Really Big Kitchen – If a huge kitchen is what you dream of knocking through into your garage can help you achieve this. If you have a growing family, a bigger kitchen is one of the most sought-after things to accommodate this, and by opening up the kitchen you also create additional space for entertaining guests and large family gatherings.

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A Utility Room – Having a utility room that is separate to the kitchen is great, as it creates extra space in the kitchen and allows you to keep an area for washing and ironing as well as additional storage.  You will also find that your kitchen feels a lot less cluttered.

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