How to clean the leather jackets, armchairs and shoes

How to clean leather

Leather, due to its texture and durability, is one of the most used materials for fashion and interior design: high-end upholstery, elegant shoes, bags and backpacks, etc. If you want to learn how to properly clean your furniture, clothes, and leather accessories to extend its durability and improve its appearance, keep reading this article. Here, we reveal how to clean the leather correctly in different elements.

How to clean the leather?

Leather is the great ally of luxury car upholstery in the world. This material gives any car elegance and sophistication, but … what happens when we do not give it the proper care? Keep reading: How to clean walls without removing paint?

How to clean leather

If you want to offer the best care to your car, do not miss this step by step on how to clean the car’s leather correctly:

  • The first step is to find all the right material for cleaning your car’s leather: a microfiber towel, water, suede, a leather cleaning detergent, body conditioner, and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now you can proceed to clean the first layer of dirt from the leather seats. In general, it is composed of dust, so a good vacuum will suffice to eliminate it.
  • Subsequently, you should take the microfiber cloth and moisten it with water. With it, you can clean the seats of the car to make spots disappear and any trace that has been left of dust. After this process, remember to dry the fabric quickly.
  • To finish deepening the cleaning of leather, you should take the special detergent for this type of material and cloth of suede. Once the fabric is soaked with the cleaner, clean the surface of the leather seats circularly and smoothly.
  • As a final step, you will have to use the leather conditioner and apply it to the cover of the seats to hydrate the material so that it does not get damaged after cleaning.
  • Keep in mind, also, that you should always take care of the leather seats of the car with some caution and that you must carry out this cleaning at least twice a year.

How to clean leather armchairs?

Having armchairs upholstered in leather has multiple advantages, which is why many people opt for this material when designing your home: durable, elegant, beautiful, natural material, etc. The problem of leather, as with other similar materials, is that without good care it can have a rather short lifetime. Apply the tips we give you below always to take good care and to make your chairs last long years. These are the steps to follow in cleaning leather armchairs:

clean leather armchairs

  • Eliminating the first layer of impurities is the first step. To do this, we will take a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush and proceed to remove the thickest dirt particles that the chair has. You should always try to do a deep cleaning in those corners that seem unreachable since that’s where the lint, crumbs of bread and other waste are hiding.
  • Next, place a damp towel on the leather of the chair to finish removing the remaining dirt and more visible stains.
  • The third step is to take a leather chair cleaner and apply it to the chair using a suede cloth so as not to mistreat the leather.
  • Finally, and just as we have done with leather car seats, the leather conditioner is applied.
  • An important recommendation to keep in mind is that you should always clean in an area that is ventilated so that the skin dries quickly and without damage. If you want to discover more in detail How to clean a leather sofa, do not miss this simple step by step.

How to clean a leather jacket?

An original and quality leather jacket will always have a special place in our wardrobes, as it is an elegant and beautiful garment that, besides, is not particularly economical. To amortize the money and so that you can enjoy your leather jacket for long years.

clean a leather jacket

There are two main ways to clean a leather jacket. The first one is making use of conventional detergents under strict preparation and application so as not to ruin the material. The second, and the most recommended is with the use of cleaners specially designed for leather.

How to clean a leather jacket with conventional detergents?

  • Use the detergent of your choice, as long as it does not contain bleach. Combine some soap with warm water in a container and then add liquid detergent to give the solution more consistency. Remember that the final derivative should be soft so as not to mistreat the garment.
  • Find a sponge or towel and soak it in the prepared solution. Remember to squeeze the sponge or cloth before using it to remove excess fluid.
  • Now, towel or sponge through the outer surface of the leather jacket, making sure to cover all areas. Make smooth movements and pay close attention to the small spots that are forming.
  • Continue to remove the soap with a cloth moistened with water to remove any stains that may have been initially cleaned.
  • Finally, dry the leather jacket with a towel.

Do you wonder how to wash a leather jacket inside? Here, you should know that to remove stains from the inside of your coat. If you want to paint a leather jacket on the inside more intensively, it is best to take it to a dry cleaner/store specialized in washing this material.

How to clean a leather jacket with a special leather cleaner?

  • Moisten a towel with the special cleaner. Remember, before using this towel. You must wipe a damp cloth with water over the jacket to remove the first layer of dirt.
  • Next, apply the leather cleaner on the jacket gently. Use the necessary amount, but be careful not to over apply, as this could mistreat the material.
  • Finally, remove the excess leather cleaner with a sponge or a soft dry cloth. Make sure to remove all the product, because, in the end, you should see the skin of your shiny jacket.
  • If you wonder how to clean the skin of a bag or how to clean brown or black leather (two delicate colors when we talk about this material) you should know that the process to follow is identical to the one we have explained to clean a leather jacket.

How to clean leather shoes?

Leather shoes have even more specialized care than other objects made of this material, because being a shoe, they are exposed to conditions that can quickly deteriorate the leather if it is not treated correctly.

  • For starters, and as we have done previously, remove the main dirt layer with a damp towel. Keep in mind that you should not apply excessive force when doing so, as you could damage the shoes. This is especially important in the part of the seams because it is one of the most delicate.
  • Let the leather of the shoes dry entirely and then apply a shoe cleaner that, mostly, has specialized cream for leather shoes.
  • Next, you should polish the shoes until the leather completely absorbs the cleaning material. This last absorption process lasts about a day, so it is advisable not to use them during those 24 hours.
    Finally, if you notice that there are still excesses of the product, you can remove it with a dry cloth.
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