June 3, 2023

There are several simple ways to make your home seem bigger than it is, including the decor’s colour, the way items in a room are positioned, and with some clever lighting tricks. However, there’s another tried and tested way to make your home seem bigger than it is, and it’s both affordable and easy to do. This mystery miracle involves looking down, as it’s your flooring!

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Not all floor covering has this effect of course, so making the right choice is really important. You may also want to discuss any changes you are intending to make prior to the sale of your property with your chosen Gloucester Estate Agents such as www.tgres.co.uk to use their knowledge on whether the changes will enhance the value or the appeal of your property.

Here are a few ideas on how you too can create roomier space simply by changing your flooring.

Go wide

The wider a piece of laminate or a plank the better, as the bulk creates fewer joins between them, and consequently it looks more open. A thinner plank can make a room look more clutter and busy which can have the opposite effect and make the room seem smaller than it actually is.

Go diagonal

Whether you are laying real wood boards or a cheap laminate flooring look-a-like laying it in a diagonal pattern will always make the space look bigger. This is to do with the way that your eye is drawn to the patterning in the diagonal planks.

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Be consistent

When you have found the perfect flooring use it though the whole space, as this creates a sense of flow, which really helps make the room seem spacious. You can do this extremely effectively in open plan spaces and can achieve the same effect in separate rooms on the same level just as easily by using the same flooring throughout an entire level.

Go dark (if you want to)

It may seem counterintuitive to choose a darker shade of wood or flooring when looking to create a roomier look, but if you prefer that then go with it, but do make sure the walls and general decor are in suitably cool colours to create the illusion you want and need. You do not want to mix dark coloured flooring and dark decor as well as this will make the room seem heavy and thus smaller.

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