June 3, 2023

Double glazing is most commonly associated with keeping the winter chill out and the warmth in. Whilst double glazing is perfect for keeping the house warm, it also does a great job of keeping the cool in during the summer months.

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Windows that are double glazed offer some great insulation. It’s the insulation that repels the rays of the sun, meaning you can live in comfortable temperatures all year. Gloucester double glazing will also save you more money because it reduces your energy bills and makes the home energy-efficient overall.

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How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing works by having two panes of glass that have a vacuum in between them. The reason that it works so well at keeping your home cool in summer is that one pane of glass will block the heat that comes into your home. This effect is reversed in the winter, trapping the heat inside instead.

Other Benefits of Double Glazing

In locations throughout the UK including Gloucester double glazing has been proven to offer benefits far and beyond staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

• Every single glass door and window around your home is capable of being double-glazed. This means your entire home can be saved from the harsh summer sun or the cold winter chill just by getting everything refitted.
• It’s true that double glazing is more expensive than having single-pane windows, but this cost is quickly offset because of how much you will save in reduced energy bills. Also, having double glazing boosts the value of your entire property when it comes to resale.
• For countless homeowners in locations throughout the UK including Gloucester double glazing not only protects from the heat of the sun, but it also protects furniture and fixtures from any potential UV damage.
• Having great double glazing can reduce the noise from outside by around 75%. The pocket of air that lies between the two panes means that a lot of outside noise cannot penetrate the glass and be audible in your home.

Double glazing is a great option for any homeowner who doesn’t already have it installed. As well as the energy savings it provides, it’s also a lot more secure too.


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