Here’s How timeless design can be enjoyed in your home

The 1960s and 1990s were notable decades for striking trends in home improvement. Whilst many homes and commercial buildings were certainly improved, not all style innovations are remembered with approval – and reversing them is often an expensive business. A little change from time to time adds spice to life, but major investments should have some staying power. No one wants to throw furniture and furnishings out with the weekly rubbish.

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Timeless home furnishing design does exist. Strolls around museums and galleries will soon convince you that there are some pieces and looks that remain stunningly desirable and functional forever.

Designed to endure

In people, personality is ephemeral, character is enduring. The same is true of buildings and their furniture. A piece that truly knows what it is and what it is for possesses a lasting value. One that simply pays lip service to current fashion will sooner or later become an embarrassment.

Commissioning bespoke designs is one way of focusing your mind on precisely the qualities that instil this value. Whether you need bespoke commercial desks  or unique home furnishings experts are on hand.  Also you can hire Boiler Installation Gloucester company  which can be located on sites such as to fit a new heating system with experienced engineers who will guide you through the process by helping you to understand the technology behind how it works.

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Designing your own solution to something with a lasting purpose guarantees that the final piece will truly belong. This, in a nutshell, is from where character grows.

Colour of the year

The colour of 2017 is Denim Drift according to Dulux; Poised Taupe according to Sherwin Williams; and Greenery according to Pantone, which kicked off the ‘colour of the year’ vogue in 2000. Each year, a two-day meeting surrounded by all the secrecy of a papal conclave decides which colour matches the approaching zeitgeist. Florist chains and fashion designers snap up the announcement avidly before planning their own ranges.

If you design your upholstery and furnishings for compatibility with Pantone’s palette this year, you are guaranteed to be throwing them away next. This is good news for companies such as Pantone, but not for the enduring value of anything else.


Natural materials weather the tides of these fashion manipulations with impunity. In nature, colours and textures combine harmoniously without a swatch. Natural or natural-looking materials in your home or workplace will continue to meld harmoniously as more fickle colour schemes come and go.


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