June 3, 2023

Oak trees are some of the most hardwear, long living and largest trees that this country can produce. It takes several decades before the Oak is up to full maturity but when it does it it soon starts to spread out with its thick branches. It’s one of the most easily accessible trees for climbing and it makes for an incredible base for a treehouse. It’s huge trunk and strong branches making it the perfect anchor point for pallets or planks to use in the building.

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In the past the oak tree was one of the most sought after for the building of ships of the line for the Royal Navy. Once treated with varnishes and thick paint on the wood it set rock hard. It was almost impossible to penetrate the hull of the ships. Even a cannon ball, fired at high velocity, and at close range, was known to bounce off the hull and cause next to no damage. Gunners aimed for the weaker deck area instead.

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With this in mind it’s not surprising that Oak is still used in our homes. We can still grow it in abundance and the use of Oak Extensions like the ones from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-frame-extension/ are a regular occurrence. When you have them in the home you are using a wood that carries a lot of our history and heritage with it. Make sure you display it proudly!

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