Home remedies to get rid of fleas from your home

home remedies to get rid of fleas

Fleas are small insects that sometimes sneak into our home, even though we maintain hygiene and control. If you do not know how to end fleas in your home, we leave you some home remedies to get rid of fleas from our home. Such as cultivating chamomile or lavender, attract them with a candle in a container with water and detergent or even fumigate your home.

Home remedies to get rid of fleas

home remedies to get rid of fleas

There are many ways to eliminate fleas in your home, but the most common and effective home remedies to get rid of fleas are:

  • Take care of the hygiene of your home.
  • Use products to eliminate fleas at home.
  • Grow chamomile or lavender.
  • Spray the corners with water, olive oil and lavender.
  • Bring them with candles to a container with water and detergent.
  • Disinfect your home.
  • Eliminate fleas from our pets.

Below, we explain in detail how to kill fleas in your home with each of these effective methods.

As a first step to eliminate fleas from your home, we advise you a maximum hygiene, especially, take care of the hygiene of corners and areas where dirt can accumulate, but also those in which you have plants, because if you already have them inside houses it is very There are probably fleas in the garden or on the terrace. If you have pets, take care of the area where they tend to be and keep their accessories and clothes very clean, since fleas often come here.

Similarly, it is essential to consider how to prevent fleas, both in pets and at home, and for this, it is best to follow the advice of professionals.

Kill fleas at home with special products

Kill fleas at home

In case you have a flea infestation in your home, you can go to special products and professionals. In shops specializing in household products, especially those that include gardening section, you will find many products to eliminate fleas, such as sprays, detergents, soaps, traps, et cetera. You only have to clean the affected place of your house well, or all of it, applying these special products and in this way, you will end up exterminating the fleas.

It is important that you procure a basic cleaning before using them and it is even more important that you do a thorough cleaning when the product has already done its full effect to eliminate any residue. Likewise, it follows very well with the indications of the use of the container or that you have mentioned the professional of the store, since these products can be very toxic both for people, especially for children, as for animals, as our pets.

Eliminate fleas at home with repellent plants

repellent plants

Next, we also propose a series of homemade tricks with which you can repel and kill fleas. The first is to use repellent plants such as chamomile or lavender because fleas are sensitive to some of the components that come off in their aroma. Therefore, it is a good idea to decorate your garden, terrace or the balconies and windows of your house with these plants, you will see how these parasites do not come together.

Lavender is a great repellent and, in fact, it is also used for other parasites. For example, lavender oil is used for lice. So, you can use this oil from this aromatic and medicinal plant to repel fleas. To eliminate fleas from our home with this product, prepare water with olive oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil. To use it you will have to shake the spray can or spray every time, otherwise, the ingredients will not be well integrated. You can apply it with a sprayer on surfaces where fleas accumulate. You will notice immediate effects and the fleas will disappear in a short time.

Trick with candles to kill fleas at home


Another possibility is to attract fleas by a candle. This trick to end fleas at home is really simple. This homemade trick is based on that you put a candle or several in a container with water and detergent, turn off the light of the room and when you only see the light of the candles you will see how the fleas will come to light little by little and will fall in the mix you have made with water and detergent. This is a good remedy to end them since they were falling and dying and are already collected in a place easy to clean later.

Fumigate the house

Fumigate the house

If your case is not that you have seen a flea loose at home or in a very specific corner, but your problem is that you have a plague of fleas, then we recommend that you put aside the basic insecticides of the super and homemade tricks and hire a professional or pest control company.

This problem when it reaches this level, in which there is such an amount of fleas that cannot be controlled in a simple way, should certainly be treated by a professional. Contact a center that is dedicated to fumigation and in this way you will get rid of them.

Treat your pets

Treat your pets

One of the factors that most encourage the appearance of fleas in our home is to have a pet. Dogs and cats, with their daily walks and excursions, can catch fleas and they spread to different corners of our home. Therefore, it is important that the extreme precautions with your pet and, in case you have fleas, you extract them immediately and correctly.

In order to remove the fleas from a dog or cat, it is essential that you consult the veterinarian, as he will help you choose the best product for your dog or cat. If you have a dog and a cat you should bear in mind that you can never give them the same flea products, in fact, they could get sick and even die; Cats have specific products and other dogs.

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