Bedroom Design In Red

Bedroom Design In Red

Bedroom design in red is at first glance a rather risky choice. Red is associated not only with love and passion but also with aggression, anger, anxiety, being the color of blood. In the bedroom, where we rest and relax after a hard day, this shade seems inappropriate to many. Bright, rich colors in the design of the most intimate part of the apartment are suitable for passionate and creative people, but in the case of oversupply and excessive saturation can cause discomfort. And yet you should not discount this option: the presence of taste and some simple artistic techniques will help to arrange the bedroom in red, making it not only bright and stylish but also comfortable for living, as in the examples in the photo below.

Bedroom Design In Red

Scarlet color in the interior of the bedroom: “total bow” or accents?

No matter how you like the red color, it should be dosed to apply it in bedroom design, gradually moving from small surfaces to large ones, from accessories to wall and floor decor. You can ask for advice from designers, an experienced specialist will develop several visual projects of the red bedroom, and you just have to choose the right one. Is it difficult to determine the final option? Try to add a couple of burgundy accessories to the existing interior or drape the walls with a red cloth. If you feel comfortable in a renovated room, proceed to the implementation of the plan.


If the total red color in the bedroom is unacceptable for you, stop the selection on small patches. Ideally, it is better to take a light, neutral interior as a basis and try to paint it with a pair of vases, a dresser box, a soft pouf or paintings on the wall in appropriate colors. To begin with, several elements of one of the shades of red will suffice, as in the example in the photo. Subsequently, you can experiment with more drastic design changes, supporting the accessories with textiles or furnishings.

Bedroom Design In Red

Red textiles and furniture

When choosing red furniture and textiles, it is reasonable to refuse the abundance of small details of the same color. For a small bedroom will be enough black, white, beige, wooden bed, a couple of bedside tables and carpet. Decorate any room will be able to a spectacular stool at the foot, upholstered in red velvet, lamps with red lampshades or panels in the headboard. Try a classic combination of wine curtains and bed linen or bedside rugs, complement the design with carved lamps or patterned vases, flower pots, and a mahogany bed with a similar wardrobe. A glossy red bed and a chest of drawers in the same style with a mirror shine will take root in modern interiors. If the bedroom walls are decorated in neutral colors, it will be decorated with textiles with a pattern, for example, red and white, as in the photo.

Finishing large surfaces

In some styles of interior totally red bedroom decoration looks authentic, without causing rejection and discomfort. However, even in luxurious Baroque-style apartments with wallpaper with monograms and vignettes in the spirit of King Louis, heavy velvet curtains and a canopy with brushes, with massive carved furniture of dark wood, not everyone can live. It’s one thing to admire the luxury of wine wallpaper, mahogany parquet and carpets in the museum, and quite another to spend a third of the day in a setting like a photo.

Bedroom Design In Red

Designers recommend avoiding total bright red color in bedroom design. It is acceptable to paint walls in muted red-brown, wine tones or decor of one wall with scarlet, burgundy wallpaper. Usually, a wall at the head of the bed is selected for these purposes, and the remaining surfaces are painted in light or cool colors. Thus, waking up and falling asleep, you will not see an aggressive red background in front of you, while the bedroom will look spectacular, stylish and even appear more spacious than it is. There are alternative ways to design bedrooms in red, which are found in our selection of photos. For example, you can paste a room with red wallpaper with a contrasting white pattern, paint in scarlet color only the upper part of the walls, complementing them with light moldings and a wide plinth.

Popular shades

There are many ways to decorate the bedroom of your dreams in red so that you can not only be proud of it but also enjoy your rest, relax and see beautiful dreams. To get started, get acquainted with the palette of shades of red, perhaps among them, you will find the one that will create the right mood and become the basis of the design. Much more comfortable and homely look interiors in red-brown, terracotta, wine tones, as in the photo below. Imagine room design in the color of noble burgundy, soft pink, mysterious lilac shade, rich cherry, ruby, beet or cranberry colors. The brighter the color, the more it requires neutralization with other elements, otherwise, the room will appear dark, small, overloaded and uncomfortable.

Bedroom design in red

The classic red tone has many companions, but not all of them can be used in the design of the bedroom. The most pleasant to the eyes are the following combinations that create a harmonious atmosphere:

  • red and white (as well as warm and cool shades of white) in different proportions;
  • the combination of red and black, diluted with white (cream, gray, beige, cream);
  • red in tandem with brown, woody, ocher, beige, gold, light yellow, brown, gray, blue, blue.

Bedroom design in red and white interior

Making bedroom design in red-white, you can take as a basis white, milky, beige, creamy, ivory color and dilute it with a selected shade of scarlet in any proportions. White, light tones not only neutralize bright wine, mauve, maroon but also give them a certain solemnity, elegance, shading favorably. White walls and the ceiling are in perfect harmony with the brick-red carpet, terracotta bed linen, curtains and pillows on the bed, and light wallpaper with red patterns will make the bedroom softer, more spacious. This decor goes well with the furniture of light shades, white, wood tone, it will be nice to look in such an interior and a bed with a design that imitates a canopy, as in the photo below.

The combination of scarlet and black in the design of the bedroom

A red and black bedroom may seem bleak if it lacks space and space. Neither heavy velvet curtains nor glossy modern furniture will save this room. Several bright spots soften the impression, add air, light, tenderness, and comfort. It is desirable that such a patch be large enough in size (one of the walls is painted white, a light ceiling with stucco moldings and moldings, a bedspread on the bed, snow-white linen or a fluffy carpet at the foot of the bed.

Other popular color tandems

Most of the popular shades of red are perfectly combined with a warm beige-golden gamut and a cold blue-gray palette. In the first case, the room will be bright and cheerful, but very cozy, as if lit by the reflections of the setting sun or fire in the fireplace, as in the photo.

Red and gold look rich and elegant, but a bit pretentious, so in such an interior it is worth adding light wood furniture or light parquet, light weightless curtains on the windows. Blue, gray and blue tones of the walls will introduce severity, balance the passionate fervor of scarlet, burgundy, wine, and purple. In the bluish-red bedroom, blotches of white in the form of moldings on the walls, patterns on wallpaper, bed linen, lamps, as in the example in the photo, would be appropriate.

What style can you design?

Bedroom decoration in red is appropriate in the following interior styles:

  • ethnic;
  • Victorian;
  • east;
  • English
  • Empire;
  • baroque;
  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian;
  • high tech;
  • loft;
  • eclecticism.

Ethnicity is characterized by the use of a small number of red elements in the form of textiles and accessories. For example, a bedroom in the African style will be decorated with a bright wicker patterned carpet, several statuettes, woven draperies on the windows, a stylized canopy. For the Victorian and English styles are appropriate bed mahogany, wood paneling in combination with heavy burgundy curtains or wallpaper with silk-screen printing. The design of the red bedroom in the spirit of the empire or baroque style suggests the presence of elegant, fancy carved furniture, gilded chandeliers, candelabra, and the dark red wine tone can be used in wall coverings, textiles, bed linen, and upholstered furniture. For the design in the style of minimalism and Scandinavian bedrooms will be enough a pair of accessories – bright shade pillows, pictures on the wall. Scandinavian design is dominated by light colors, but red and related colors can be found in flower pots, carpet on the floor, headboard trim, frames for photographs, figurines. For oriental styles are characterized by appropriate ornaments, carved details of the interior, engravings, lamps, draperies, types, and colors of which vary depending on the specific direction (Japanese, Chinese, Moroccan).

Loft accepts bright accessories that stand out in particular against the background of huge windows, high ceilings and brick walls, ranging from designer sofas to retro objects. In the design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech red surfaces are combined with chrome-plated metal elements, glass, plastic, low-key tones, as in the photo below. Eclecticism is one of the most controversial areas in which there will be a place for any colors and elements of the interior, right up to the red ceiling and lamps. It remains only to choose the most attractive style and design of the red bedroom, and begin its transformation!

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Sylvia Taylor

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