How to decorate your bathroom like a spa?

turn bathroom into a spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa with the ideas we give you today. Bathrooms that becomes the ideal place to relax after a long day of work. The new trends are increasingly focused on making the bathroom a place where we spend the hours of relaxation and rest and not just a space at home. The stress that surrounds us forces us to look for moments of relaxation and for ourselves in which to recover strength and the bathroom is one of the ideal spaces to achieve it.

It is much simpler than it seems and you will get a space where it will be easy to relax and de-stress. Let’s find out! Because after a long day nothing fancies more than enjoying a good bath or shower in a spa. Today we tell you some ideas for you to turn your bathroom into a spa and enjoy it daily.

turn bathroom into a spa

How to decorate your bathroom like a spa

Every day, shower trays are more and more important in the bathroom. The showers are extended and complemented to become an authentic spa in which to relax with a long shower. Include benches to sit comfortably.

Now synthetic materials and new colors and materials are imposed to modernize and renew them without losing their functionality. We find finishes in all types of synthetic or natural materials that will help you create an environment that suits you for the shower.

Light colors

Nothing like light and natural colors to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity in which to relax. Bet on them in your bathroom, even the whole white with details in wood and natural fibers and you will surely get the atmosphere you need to relax.

Relaxation area

Not all of us have enough space to include a relaxation area in the bathroom with sofas as if it were an authentic spa. But if you have a large bathroom, it is a luxury that you will surely enjoy in your free time after a hard week of work. Because the bathroom has stopped being a room of passage or limited used to become a central room in which to also enjoy and relax. Who would not love to have such a bath at home!

Surely you would steal hours at the clock to be able to take a good bath and relax after stretching on these sofas while you take time to pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Most of us will always have spas, but while we can dream of these images, do not you think?

turn bathroom into a spa

Includes a bathtub

If you have space in the bathtubs, you see more and that will undoubtedly be the central focus of your bathroom. It is not an idea for all bathrooms and less if you do not have much space. It all depends on whether you are over the bath or shower. But if you can afford it, it will be worth it.

We found modern and retro bathtubs more round or more elongated, there are them for all tastes although lately, we have seen a lot of retro style with legs. And is that to relax there is nothing like a good bathroom with hot water and aromatic essences and more if it is in a bathtub so special, do not you think?

Chic rustic touch

With a wooden staircase … you already know that we love to recycle and wooden stairs can be a great element for your bathroom. A wooden staircase was to expose the towels or an antique wooden stool can be the final touch that our bathroom requested.

Decorate it with glass jars, plants and flowers for a bucolic and very chic look that will please everyone. It’s as simple and beautiful as it will be and without any effort, because the details are also very important when it comes to converting your bathroom into a spa.

Natural elements

Just like the wood of a ladder or stool includes other natural elements in your bathroom such as wicker baskets or raffia, pebbles, plants … all this will help you create the climate of peace and tranquility you need.

Another idea that we have seen a lot lately is that of joining bathtub and shower in a single space, instead of two. If you do not have too much room or if you want to have everything together this can be a good solution to not stop enjoying a bathtub.

It’s not a matter of space. Although if you have more space will always be better when designing your spa bath … not essential. You can get a spectacular bath only with a few meters, think carefully every detail to get everything is perfect.

Franklin Smith

Franklin Smith

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