June 3, 2023
How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?

Indoors, people spend up to 80% of their time, so creating a favorable microclimate here is of paramount importance. The need for installation in the apartment, in private country estates of climate technology is dictated by the desire to maintain here a comfortable temperature for all family members, to ensure uniform distribution of air in the rooms. In addition to the important rules regarding the location of the split, often the question arises how to beat the air conditioner in the interior of the living room so that the cassette or channel device does not violate the design harmony and does not attract too much attention. Our tips will be useful to homeowners who are looking for ways to disguise air conditioning in the interior of the house. They will help people whose goal is to decorate the indoor unit, without cheapening the design decision.

How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?

The main methods of placing the air conditioner in the interior of the living room: recommendations and photos

Experts recommend planning a place for the conditioner in advance, before final finishing. If the house is only planned to be repaired or you are at the stage of rough work, it’s time to decide where to place the air conditioner in the apartment’s living room. You do not have to clutter the space with cable channels or open wires if you decide in advance about the placement of the internal device (before the finishing of the living room).

Obviously, when developing an air conditioner, engineers were guided by purely utilitarian goals, but the interior with climate technology can and should be beautiful. In this review, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the ways you can hide or effectively veil this essential device in everyday life.

How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?

Installation of air conditioning in a niche

As a constructive element, niches can not only visually expand a room, change the geometry of the living room. They are great for placing large household appliances, including air conditioning. In this case, there is no goal to completely hide the equipment. Simply, it will take place strictly reserved for him.

Hang a home appliance behind a decorative “screen”

Its lower part should remain open so as not to impede the free circulation of air. Screen designers recommend doing not solid, and rack, to avoid overheating.

How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?

Install air conditioning in the living room in one of the open shelves

In this case, the device will not inhibit the visual perception of space and will attract much less attention. Inside the rear wall in the process of installation will need to make holes for the wires.

Hang the indoor unit over the TV screen and cover it with a door.

The task of this simple technique is not to veil the air conditioner, but to switch attention to the TV screen. If the rack is equipped with a door, after turning on the climate technology, it must remain open so as not to impede the flow of cool air into the room.

How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?

Paint the appliance in the color of the walls

On sale today, a large selection of acrylic-urethane paints for plastic (they are used for glass). The internal block painted by such structure will ideally fit into an interior. It is important that the paint is not inside the block. In the process of work, you should be very careful, but it is better to seal all the holes in advance.

How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?

Do channel system

Its indoor unit is integrated into the suspended ceiling, which allows you to completely hide the equipment, and the air is evenly distributed throughout the duct system.

Use air conditioning as an element of decor

Not yet decided how to hide the air conditioning system, but do not have the desire to bother with any of the above options? Know that there is a decent alternative. Authoritative brands that produce climate equipment today offer technological innovations to connoisseurs of innovation. On sale, you can find an elegant design of the model with a mirror surface on the indoor unit. The latest know-how is the ArtCool Gallery series unit (LG brand). Thin, stylish, with color illumination, it is made in the form of a frame with a picture. Such air-conditioning devices fit perfectly into the interior.

Inverters belong to the premium segment category, which is not surprising: they look so organically in the interior that not everyone will guess that the installation on the wall not only decorates the living room but performs the functions of cooling (works in two-way air supply mode) and its automatic cleaning. At the same time, buyers are not tied to any particular design, since the image can be easily changed. For example, to place in a frame reproduction of your favorite artist, which is convenient for those who equip an apartment to their liking, strives to give the living room a purely individual style.

How To Hide Air Conditioning In The Interior?


Not so long ago, all the new home appliances – air conditioners are no exception – it was customary to show off. Probably, they did this in order to demonstrate a high level of wealth, and perhaps they simply did not know how to create a pleasant microclimate in the house and not disturb the harmony of the interior. At present, it will not be difficult to find a reasonable option, thanks to which it will be possible to realize the function of air cooling. At the same time, the climatic equipment will successfully fit into the design decision, without attracting undue attention to itself.

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