June 3, 2023

Your bedroom should be your own patch of peace, a sanctuary where you can retreat from the everyday world and get the space that you need to relax and unwind, and ultimately to sleep. However, this can be something that over time becomes more of a cluttered up space with a bed in the middle rather than the relaxing zen that we really need.

If you want to make your bedroom a relaxing haven where you can drift off to sleep easily, here are a few things that you can do to make that happen…

Clear out – It is so easy to accumulate stuff over time and this can result in there not being enough space to put it all. The bedroom then becomes cluttered and the things that we need can become difficult to find. As well as this, trying to sleep in a bedroom that is a bit of a muddle is not exactly relaxing! Go through all the things in your room and decide if you really need it. Although for many of us storage can be difficult to come by, think about clever ways that you can improve your bedroom storage. From beds with storage built in, to specially designed furniture like these Lamco bespoke fitted wardrobes.

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Make the Bed Comfortable – If you are trying to sleep on an uncomfortable bed, you are never going to get a great night’s sleep! If your mattress has seen better days, or you need something that offers more in the way of support, then now is the time to change the mattress. Your bedding should be comfortable and inviting also, so make sure your pillows are comfortable too, and for extra comfort, use silk pillowcases.

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Use Scent – Something that we all do is associate certain smells with certain feelings. Aromatherapy continues to be a popular way to alleviate tensions, and it has its place in the bedroom. Calming smells such as lavender are used in the bedroom to promote relaxation and rest. You can use it in the form of a pillow spray or mist, or as a lavender plug in, or diffuser, it is up to you.

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