March 24, 2023

From the album “Let’s Talk About Love” by the Canadian musical artist Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On” had its music composed by James Horner and is the main soundtrack from the tragic movie Titanic written by James Cameron. The song’s lyrics written by Will Jennings were based on the true story of The Titanic, the transatlantic ocean liner that struck an iceberg at 11:40pm on the 14th of April on her maiden voyage and unfortunately sank in the year 1912.

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The Titanic was sailing from Southampton to New York amongst a huge publicity campaign because she was one the largest passenger liners or cruise ships of her time. Tragically, over 1,500 crew and passengers of the estimated 2,224 total people on board went down with the ship because she sank so quickly, within two hours and forty minutes! The cost to build this superliner was estimated to be around one, point five million pounds!  Maybe if they had used a stronger Metal bonding adhesive by a professional company such as the ship may not have gone down as fast.

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The Titanic starred Kate Winslet as Rose the wealthy fiancé of Caledon Hockley aboard the ship with her widowed mother Ruth and Leonardo DiCaprio as the poor orphan Jack Dawson. Jack had won what he thought was a lucky ticket for the voyage in a poker game, when Rose attempts to throw herself off the ship because of her loveless engagement, Jack saves her, and their tragic love affair begins.


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