June 3, 2023

Stress is something that affects everyone at some time or another, but around the festive season it is something that can become difficult for many people to cope with. There are lots of reasons why this time of the year can be so difficult for many people and despite the feelings of joy and festive cheer, for some people it can actually be the opposite!

Christmas is a time that can be hard for people who are grieving or have lost someone that they love – it is a time that can be full of bittersweet feelings – good memories combined with the sense of loss and sadness. It is also a time that can cause stress for families, as tempers run high and many families have arguments and disagreements.

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Something that is good to do as we approach Christmas, is take a step back and look after your mental health…

Talk to Someone – If you are struggling with everything then talking to someone can really help. Getting it all off your chest and speaking about how you are feeling can help to lighten the load and give you the understanding of another person. Find a professional counsellor if you are really having a hard time or go and speak to your doctor who may be able to recommend someone.

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Take time to Be Calm – Make sure that you spend time doing things that you love that calm you down – this may be spending time with a pet,  enjoying soothing hobbies like art or knitting – have a look at knitting kits like this www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits for some inspiration – or even spending time just sitting by yourself in peace and quiet with no demands on you!

Don’t Overcommit – Something that many of us can fall foul of is the need to please everyone and be everywhere. Whether obligations with work, family charity or your local community, this is a time of the year when it can feel as though there are many demands being made of you and your time and not enough to go around. Letting people down and saying no is something that we all need to do from time to time in order to make sure that we can be our best selves.


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