January 28, 2023

Back in 2001, the Internet seemed like a good thing. The world was benefiting from the new knowledge that was being presented to it. People were using social media to find long-lost friends and family members. There didn’t seem to be any downsides with any of it. However, there were those that were not so sure that this computer information age was such a good idea. Peter Howitt’s film Antitrust is one of those movies. It will certainly make you think that investing in some CCTV like those that a Swindon based company https://apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-installation/cctv-installation-swindon/ can provide to you.

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Milo is a graduate of computer sciences. He’s the co-owner of a start-up company of computer coders called Skullbocks. Impressed with his work, the CEO of the huge NURV company offers Milo a job. All he has to do is say yes, and he can have a huge salary and work in an amazing office. He debates the idea with his fellow developers, who tell him to go for it. He moves to NURV headquarters with his girlfriend.

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It soon becomes clear that NURVs are not all that they seem. In fact, they are taking the work of the coders they employ and then have them disappear. Milo attempts to foil the evil plans of NURV, but the company has many tentacles and even reaches up to high levels of government. Even worse, his girlfriend is a plant by NURV to keep an eye on him!

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