March 24, 2023

The type of wood you use for roof trusses will depend on the type and weight of the truss you need. The most common size for this type of structure is 2×6 or 2×8. However, smaller structures can use 2x4s as well. The top chords determine the pitch of the roof, and the bottom chords form the lower edge of a triangle. This top chord will bear the most weight and stress, and therefore should be of the appropriate thickness.

Sun shining through wood framed roof trusses on house under construction.

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Oak is a very durable temperate hardwood, but it is not as strong as some other species. Only a few tropical species are better suited for roof trusses, but oak is more affordable and more widely available. In addition to this, it is naturally resistant to fire, mould and pests. Another advantage of oak trusses is its aesthetics.

Wood trusses tend to be cheaper than metal studs. This means they are easier to install, as they are not as heavy. Additionally, because they are prefabricated, they are easier to handle than metal ones. Another plus of wood trusses is that they produce little waste because they are specifically engineered for their purpose. Unlike metal trusses, they are also used once and aren’t reused for other projects.

Engineered wood trusses offer several advantages to building professionals, including a uniform design that allows for complex design layouts. This type of wood truss also allows for more architectural flexibility, making it easier to achieve perfect pitch with the help of the trusses. Moreover, it is easier to work with trusses made of engineered wood, and less heavy equipment is needed for installation. These trusses are already suited for the specific roof configuration and require less expertise to install. For a range of Oak Roof Trusses, visit

The roof is a critical part of any building. The trusses need to be strong enough to support the roof, but there are several factors to consider. One factor is the pitch of the roof rafters. Generally, they should have a 3:12 pitch.

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When choosing a roof truss material, the length of nails used to connect two pieces of wood is crucial. A common gusset material is OSB, but other materials may be used as well. Regardless of the type of truss material, be sure to read the manufacturers’ recommendations for the gusset material. You can also order roof trusses from a manufacturer.




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