Reasons to use reinforced concrete

Concrete is such a strong material that can withstand incredible pressure without showing signs of fatigue. Reinforced concrete is even tougher and combines the strength of steel embedded within it. Here are some of the reasons that reinforced concrete is used during construction:

  • For areas that require extra protection against fire and adverse weather conditions.
  • Due to its versatility, reinforced concrete can be moulded and shaped into almost any requirement for construction.
  • For structures that would benefit from very low maintenance requirements.
  • Thanks to its weather, damp and waterproofing properties, reinforced concrete is the preferred choice for structures like piers, dams, jetties and footings, for example.
  • Concrete is cheaper than steel so reinforced concrete is more cost effective than using steel alone.
  • During the construction stage of a large building, reinforced concrete requires less labour to erect.

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The advantages of using reinforced concrete are clear and as such, has become a highly popular material above others. It is economical, simple to work with, versatile and has been used for so long that there are many experienced concrete suppliers. For information on Concrete Stroud, consider When buildings require supreme strength, you really cannot go wrong with reinforced concrete.

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Skyscrapers are the perfect example of the incredible tensile strength of reinforced concrete. If these tall buildings were constructed before the widespread use of reinforced concrete, they would have been overly vulnerable to tensile pressures like high winds and earthquakes.

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