March 24, 2023

If you are about to welcome a new puppy into your home, there are lots of preparations that you need to make beforehand, as you would with a baby! Puppies are mischievous and curious so you need to make sure that they are safe and protected especially during this stage of their life when they are into everything! Here are a few of the things to secure before you welcome in your new four legged friend…

Cables and Wires – Because puppies are notorious chewers a cable might be enticing to them and they don’t know any better. Make sure that all electrical cables are well away from being able to be chewed through by your pup even if you think they are double check.

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The Garden – A garden is a playground for a puppy, but it needs to be safe and secure to stop them from being able to get out and into dangerous situations. Contact someone like this fencing Gloucester based company who will be able to make sure that your garden is secure.

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Toxic Substances – Puppies are renowned for chewing and putting things in their mouth that they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, our homes contain things that are deadly to dogs, such as cleaning products. Make sure that you go through all the things that could be hazardous in your home, including things like plants and put them where they cannot be accessed.

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