June 3, 2023

Keeping the house warm is something that is on most people’s minds at the moment, and if you are not keen on using your gas boiler too much, electricity is another option that can be beneficial to you. Underfloor heating runs off electric, so if you do not have gas in a certain room, such as a conservatory, or you only have an electric connection to your house, this is a great way to get your home heated and warm.

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Underfloor heating is a system that basically uses a network of pipes laid underneath the floor to heat the home. In a similar way to a radiator, the pipes heat up and then the warmth comes up from the floor, in effect making your floors the radiators rather than having radiators on the walls!

If you are building your own home or renovating, this is the best point at which to install underfloor heating – because of the fact that it is underneath the entire floor, it is a disruptive process. It is also something that needs to be done correctly, so it is best to find a professional who specialises in it like this underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company parsonsflooring.com/services/electric-under-floor-heating-gloucestershire/ who can install it for you.

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The materials that are used for the flooring will also have a slight impact on the effectiveness of the heating system, so this is something else worth thinking about if you are planning to go down this route. Stone and ceramic tiles are the best materials – this is not to say that carpets are no good or wood flooring though.

If you are wanting to reduce your carbon footprint and your fuel bills and are going to be using modern environmentally friendly technology to get your heating like an air source heat pump, then underfloor heating could be a really good option for you, as underfloor heating works well with this.

You can also have a system where you are able to choose which rooms are heated with underfloor heating. So, if you have pipes laid in all the rooms but are not using all the rooms that day you can save money and energy by switching on the power only to the rooms that you want it to go to.

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