March 24, 2023

There isn’t a landlord that has yet to be called out for a property emergency at some point. Perhaps it was a smashed window, a tenant who had locked themselves out, or a plumbing mishap? Preparing yourself for any eventuality is wise, so you can tackle anything if and when it arises. Here are some of the emergencies you might have to deal with as a landlord:


Fire is the worst nightmare and one of the most common types of accidents that landlords experience. The prospect is frightening, and cleaning up after a fire can be costly too. You could be facing costs of many thousands. Landlords in the UK have a legal responsibility to install fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Be sure to test them regularly and replace the units at least between each tenancy. A kitchen fire extinguisher and fire blanket are also sound investments.

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Broken Boilers

When the weather gets bitterly cold, boilers work their hardest. This is the most common time for a boiler to suffer a problem resulting in no hot water or heating for the tenant. An annual service is highly recommended to identify potential issues before they become significant problems. Landlords must also have a gas safety inspection carried out once a year as a legal requirement. The ideal time for a boiler service is early autumn so it can be given a clean bill of health before the arrival of winter.


Unfortunately, tenants might not be as careful with a landlord’s property as they would if it were their own. Breakages are common, whether accidental or otherwise. Broken windows are a common accident caused by criminal activity or an accident. Other damage might include aerials knocked down, lighting fixtures smashed or damaged walls. Keep a list of local tradespeople handy, so you know who to call for help. When you need a Plasterer Gloucester, go to a site like Pure Plasterers, a leading Plasterer Gloucester

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Being a landlord is more challenging than it sounds. Trusting tenants with your property comes with plenty of risks, and that’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself for the worst. Ensure you have comprehensive insurance, your appliances and fire safety items are checked regularly, and always keep a list of local professionals close to hand as you might need it in an emergency.

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