June 3, 2023

When it comes to looking for coverings for your windows you might be wondering whether blinds or curtains are best. In some situations it might be glaringly obvious which one you should choose but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. The circumstances in which you might see yourself leaning towards having blinds installed instead of curtains are in the case of window coverings for bathroom and kitchen spaces. Curtains can be utilised in these rooms but more often than not this can lead to damp material and a musty smell in your room.

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Other rooms in your home such as your living room, dining room and bedrooms it is preferable to use curtains as they create a cosy, stylish feel in any space. If you want to create a particular feel in your room with patterns and colours that you love, you can work with a Curtain Makers Westminster way such as https://www.theboyswhosew.co.uk/. It is possible to link the material that you choose for your curtains into other soft furnishings in your home. This might be adding the same or coordinating fabrics into your cushion covers and throws.

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In some circumstances you may be able to combine the use of blinds and curtains. This can be a great option for bedrooms or living room spaces that face towards the sun. In the summer time you will be able to limit the amount of sunlight and therefore heat that enters the room by closing your blinds and in the winter you will be able to add an extra layer of insulation by using curtains, closed over the top of your blinds.

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