Pergolas for the garden: Models and buying tips

The pergolas for the garden are structures that add a great architectural, functional and decorative value to our home. Its installation and construction are relatively easy, and their prices are also really affordable. In short, it is a minor remodeling work that is worth paying to increase the quality of life of everyone in the house. However, just because something is already very good. It does not mean that it can not be better.

Here, we like to go beyond the mold and think about all the possibilities, even those that others do not see. If you are thinking about placing a pergola for the garden of your home, do not buy anything until you finish reading this article! Our experience has left us many lessons and; Today we want to share with you every one of them. We assure you that after reading what we have to tell you; you will buy and install the best option of pergolas for the garden that there is in the market because it will be just what you needed.

Pergolas for the garden

Pergolas for the garden

The pergolas for the garden are the right and necessary element to make the most of our outdoor space, especially in the sunniest months of the year. However, this option is not mandatory and can be supplanted by an awning or greenhouse; Then why should you choose a pergola for the garden?

The pergola, thanks to its firm structure and shape with large spaces between planks; It is perfect for creating a natural environment covered and adorned by plants, without the need to install water that is required inside a greenhouse.

Plants can be very helpful

The plants help to cool the environment or maintain the temperature inside the open structure, everything will depend on the time of year. In brief, they are much more spacious and practical since hanging plants are chosen and that grow around the pillars of the pergola. At present, the most advanced pergolas and designed according to vegetation. They are bioclimatic structures that practically turn into a perfectly cool bubble regardless of the weather outside. You can plan a dinner in your garden without worrying about the weather just by having a type of lattice of this type, but everything comes with some pros and cons.

Pergolas Plants

On the other hand, the classic wooden model adds a vintage look to the home with the appropriate decorative elements; freshness and vegetation are the characteristics of this model that can be easily installed by you and one more person to fulfill the role of assistant.

But regardless of the model, the most important thing about a pergola and what it will offer you besides the aesthetic aggregate. It is a use of space without the need to remodel or invest in large and heavy construction materials.

A structure easy to assemble at a moderate cost that will become your second favorite place in your entire home; So important are these independent structures.

Types of pergolas

We already mentioned the most technological, substitutes of a greenhouse and designed to create a space completely independent of the outside world. Of course, this type of model is the most expensive and the one that requires the most work in its installation, but do not worry! We begin by talking about the most difficult, let’s go to the classic, the beautiful and the economic; because when it comes to pergolas, we are talking only about two large groups: material and form.

Classic wooden pergolas

Classic wooden pergolas

The classic choice is many times; the best of all. The wood is perfect for withstanding from the summer sun to the coldest winter snow. It is a structure that by its very nature will support these climatic changes. Obtain a different appearance according to the season. It will make it look more beautiful.

Metal pergolas

Used in modern homes and that more than a garden has an outdoor environment with a pool or with a broad view of the city or the sea. These types of pergolas can be made of aluminum or steel, always looking for a polished appearance that is in keeping with the modern style of the houses that, architecturally speaking, demand them.

Metal pergolas

A house with large windows instead of solid walls. The most likely thing is that you need a pergola that fits that appearance. There are those who opt for glazed ceilings or white canvases for this type of more modern structure.

Prefabricated concrete pergolas

Looking to imitate the appearance of the ancient roundabouts in the castles or the spacious dwellings of yesteryear; Concrete pergolas are an architectural marvel in themselves. Although they are complemented by the rest of the house, they have a proper and dignified character; what makes them a very valuable construction. Of course, there are more modest and less elaborate models.

concrete pergolas

What pergola should you buy and where should you place it?

Before talking about what type of garden pergolas you should consider where you are going to place it and for what purpose specifically. Although if you want to have everything covered, then let’s talk a little about the functionality of the structure.

Maintaining a cool climate under a structure can only be achieved with a study of sunlight on the structure. In general, architects use the design of eaves before the sun for this type of calculation; With the respective calculations and simulations of the movement of the sun, you can determine the angle of inclination that your ideal pergola should have.

If you are not able to do this calculation on your own, do not hesitate to ask us! We just need your location on the globe. With the coordinates and a satellite photo of your home, you can determine this aspect of the functionality.

Risk points

An important point to keep in mind is irrigation points. If you want your pergola to expand the landscape of your garden, then do not skip the water outlets.

Then, we can divide the entire garden into two areas of interest: the shadow area and the sun area. If you want a daring and independent pergola, and that you can take advantage of on summer days; then you must place your pergola on the lawn or, depending on the natural humidity of the soil; maybe you should consider adding a deck of concrete or wood.

Wood versus metal

Wood versus metal

As for design and aesthetics, we always opt for wooden models. The modern style is designed for rest and to enjoy a view where green does not necessarily have to be the protagonist. In this sense, the color palette of the landscape should be taken into account by you or the architect at all times; not only during the day. So, the project takes a little more time to materialize than usual.

When it comes to wood, the options seem to be a little broader. Located next to the wall, the pergola will generate a cooler atmosphere both inside and outside the house; thanks to the constant shade and, even more, if you have plants.

You should also consider that when we say wood, we are generalizing a lot. The roof of these pergolas can be bamboo or canvas, as well as plants from your garden; and is that you should always put a pergola in front of metal when the installation is done in a garden where green abounds.

Last tips

In general, do not buy a pergola thinking only of its functionality. It is an aspect that you should cover yes, But putting that point before aesthetics can be a big mistake. The same happens if you do it in reverse; do not get carried away by the most beautiful design, take measurements, elaborate a rudimentary scheme and; Analyze what plants will go inside the structure.

When you have everything planned and practically the construction raised, then enjoy decorating as you see fit! Whether large white sofas or small patterned sofas, let us know in the comments what Pergolas for the garden you chose.

Franklin Smith

Franklin Smith

Franklin Smith is a DIY enthusiast and home improvement blogger. With over a decade of hands-on renovation experience, Franklin aims to share practical tips and inspire homeowners to tackle their own projects.

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