June 3, 2023

When you live with arthritis, dressing can be a challenge. Dress in loose-fitting clothes that you can slip on and off, and choose oversized zipper pulls. You should avoid tailored shirts and blouses that have buttons, which are often too tight for a person with arthritis. Raglan-style sleeve shirts are also easier to wear, and choose clothing without buttons. These are just a few of the many ways to make dressing easier.

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Gentle exercises can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Talk to your physical therapist about a regular exercise routine. Low-impact aerobic exercises can improve mood and help control weight. Medications for arthritis pain relief come in a variety of forms, so you should consult your physician before taking any medication. It’s important to remember that you should not smoke, as the toxins in cigarette smoke can cause more stress on the body and the joints. A negative attitude can make arthritis worse and can make it more difficult to perform daily tasks. Talk to a physical therapist about how to improve posture and manage pain. For Walking Aids to help, go to Ability Superstore

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Physiotherapy is an important part of pain relief for those with arthritis. Physical therapists have the tools and knowledge to demonstrate different stretches and exercises to reduce the pressure on joints and reduce the need for medications. Aquatic therapy is another popular form of physical therapy for arthritis patients. Water exercise in heated pools can reduce joint discomfort. If you can find a therapist to help you with your arthritis symptoms, make sure they offer an individualised programme.


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