15, Nov, 2019
How builders can deal with contaminated land


Contaminated land contains substances that are hazardous or potentially dangerous to human health or the environment. Industrial production sites are known as brownfield land and these areas can be heavily affected by chemical and oil spills, waste disposal, mining and other industries. Contamination can also come about naturally due to […]

Selling your property is a big task to overcome. Especially if you have little experience dealing with estate agents and potential buyers, the project at hand can feel a bit intimidating. It becomes even more fraught if you think time is moving on and you’ve had no offers. Here are […]

Architects are always looking for the next big thing. This extends beyond their designs to encompass the materials used to construct buildings and other structures. One material that is currently exciting architects is Kevlar. Image Credit What is Kevlar? Largely unknown outside the architecture and building industries, Kevlar is a […]

Poor TV reception can be extremely frustrating, and whilst we generally have better TV reception than ever before thanks to digital transmission, some of us still suffer from fuzzy screens. Go through our five-step plan to improving your TV reception and contact professionals where needed. Image Credit Speak to Your […]