Author: Jeffrey Bowman

How to clean house fast and easy

How to clean house fast and easy: Clean with me

Dirt accumulates everywhere, and you do not know where to start cleaning the house. When it is time to leave homework for tomorrow and get down to work, we are often overwhelmed with despair at not knowing where to begin to pass the mop. If you are one of those, who have doubts about how […]

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orange paint colors for living room
Colors Interior Design Living Room

10 Ideas of orange paint colors for living room

Are you looking orange paint colors for living room? Believe it or not, the orange color is perfect for creating an environment full of energy. It encourages good rest or relaxation. Therefore, it is said that the color orange is a color that gives energy and encouragement.

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small kitchen layout for small chefs
Blog Kitchen

Create small kitchen layout for small chefs

There are more, and more small chefs and children love to cook, especially since MasterChef Junior has become one of the most watched programs on television. Surely this small kitchen layout inspires you to frame the little big stars of the house.

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Prevention of home accidents

Prevention of home accidents: How to save yourself?

There are many things that can be done for the prevention of home accidents. They are small changes that help you take care of yourself and your family to make your home a safe environment, both for children and adults.

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How to protect fruit trees from birds

How to protect fruit trees from birds?

If you have a garden, particularly one with fruit plants, you will probably have many problems. One of these problems is the birds. They love the fruits of their fruit trees. There are some common solutions to this problem, such as scarecrows, angel callers, reflection ribbons and plastic animals, but what happens if none of […]

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How to clean leather

How to clean the leather jackets, armchairs and shoes

Leather, due to its texture and durability, is one of the most used materials for fashion and interior design: high-end upholstery, elegant shoes, bags and backpacks, etc. If you want to learn how to properly clean your furniture, clothes, and leather accessories to extend its durability and improve its appearance, keep reading this article. Here, […]

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washing machine smells like sewage

How to fix washing machine smells like sewage

Unpleasant odors and pollution in the form of black spots or spots, perhaps the most common problems in the operation of modern automatic washing machines. Not knowing how to deal with the problem, the hostesses often bring the condition of the machine to a critical one, when it has to be either seriously repaired or replaced. However, […]

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How to plant papaya

How to plant papaya tree at pot, home and garden?

The fruit of the papaya is one of the most beneficial, consumed, rich and commercialized fruits in the world. Its sweet flavor and how easy it is to grow them have made this plant and its fruits a delicacy accessible to practically everyone. Here, we will teach you the details of growing in your garden, […]

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How to cool a room without AC
Air Condition

How to cool a room without AC in the summer?

We are about to finish the month of July, but the heat does not seem to want to leave us. Every day that passes, it seems to be hotter, and this is killing me. To combat the high temperatures, there is nothing like staying at home and turning on the air conditioning, if we count […]

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clean walls without removing paint
Exterior Design Interior Design

How to clean walls without removing paint?

Is your house so dirty that you do not know where to start? Many times it is the appearance of your walls that most spoils your home. This truth will help you understand that it is essential to clean the walls of your home. Sure, at first you may be afraid of ruining them but […]

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