21, Feb, 2020
Wedding Decor: How To Save On It?

Author: Madani

Indoors, people spend up to 80% of their time, so creating a favorable microclimate here is of paramount importance. The need for installation in the apartment, in private country estates of climate technology is dictated by the desire to maintain here a comfortable temperature for all family members, to ensure […]

The apartment in Art Nouveau style is recognizable by its smooth, flowing forms, floral ornaments, natural motifs, and natural colors. It is cozy, thoughtful and practical: each piece of furniture fulfills its intended function – without cluttering up space and enveloping the home with comfort. Design direction is perfectly combined […]

Before choosing a ceiling infrared heater to a potential client, it is imperative to get acquainted with the principle of infrared heating and to study the characteristics of the devices that make this principle into practice. Only then it will be possible to proceed to the consideration of different models […]

The kitchen is an important part of the house, where not only cooking takes place, but also family meetings, reception of guests or just rest. Especially many functions this room performs in apartments with small footage. Therefore, the kitchen should carry an atmosphere of comfort, peace, and harmony. It should […]

According to the legends, good spirits lived in it, protecting the house from evil forces, bringing luck and well-being. In modern interiors, the fireplace has become the epitome of the family hearth. This design is not only a source of heat and a means of heating. With its appearance it […]

Modern planning of apartments and private houses suggest a total optimization of space. That is why the bathrooms do not differ in scale. But at the same time, extremely compact rooms should be very roomy: in addition to the mandatory areas for hygienic procedures, they can fit accessories for washing, […]

Despite the variety of electronic gadgets adapted for downloading, readings, listening to literary works, printed books still play an important role in our lives. Home is the place where you can relax while reading a fascinating novel, storybook or magazine article. To store prints, maintain order in the home library, […]